These Pictures Are Proof That The Everyday House Cat Is The Biggest Jerk In The Animal Kingdom

Where do we even begin with cats? They’re cute yet calculated, smart yet mischievous. While a dog will rip up your couch because it’s fun to do and there’s no malice involved, a cat will do the same thing for the perverse pleasure it feels by committing such an act.

Let’s be honest; cats have one goal and one goal only. This is to ensure that every human has a miserable life when they’re around cats. If cats were human, they’d be the sociopathic neighbor who continually crosses the line because they don’t care about your feelings. Cats are, unfortunately, intelligent and careful with every move they make. They have a purpose, and as you’ll see in this article, it’s not to benefit the human race.

Lack Of Christmas Spirit

Cats hate holidays, and they don’t care who knows. If you think the Grinch is a downer during the most fabulous time of the year, you’ve never had a cat.

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

No Christmas tree, big or small, is going to survive in the presence of this feline anytime soon. Our thoughts are with that little Santa, who was likely destroyed right after this picture was taken.