These Women Adopt Cats And Take Them On Adventures

Is there anything that tugs at our heartstrings like stray kittens? How about those kittens finding their perfect home? Check out this next level cat rescuing.

The Rescuers

cats-1 (1).jpg

Kayleen VanderRee and Danielle Gumbley live in Victoria, British Columbia. Kayleen VanderRee was tossing out some garbage in a trashcan at a park one night in July when she heard the mewing of two abandoned kittens roaming around in trashcans. VanderRee knew that predators like eagles and foxes also frequented the area, so she took action!

VanderRee waited until a tiny, adorable kitten emerged from behind a bush, then nervously approached her. “I coaxed him out and picked him up,” she said. Then, something unexpected happened. A second kitten emerged. That’s when she called in backup: her best friend, Danielle Gumbley.

Taking Them Home


“They were clearly abandoned,” VanderRee told The Dodo about the kittens. “There’s a lot of cougars and bears and eagles in the area, so we decided to take them with us because we didn’t want them to get eaten.” Of course, VanderRee and Gumbley originally thought they would take the cats to a shelter, but the local shelter was closed. As so often happens with kittens, they got attached to the two adorable cats.

The lucky felines were given names: VanderRee’s cat was named Keel, and Gumbley named her kitten Bolt. Now the once abandoned cats have fur-ever homes and get to stay best friends forever.