Try Looking At These Animal Fails Without Laughing

Animals are truly one of a kind. They’re faster than us, they can see farther than us, they can jump higher than us, and let’s face it—they’re way cuter than us too. But despite our furry friend’s superior physical talents, animals still fail every once in a while. These animals are perfect examples that cats, dogs, and other four-legged friends aren’t immune to looking a little crazy from time to time. Check out the most hilarious animal fails here. The hedgehog will have you cracking up!

A Dog Who Knows What He Wants

This dog must not have eaten in forever for it to be this greedy or deprived of food. It’s just a picture, pup! In any event, animals can be quite funny if you pay attention to them or catch them in a funny act.

YouTube/Funny Vines
YouTube/Funny Vines

Thankfully for you, we have compiled numerous photos of animal fails. We bet you will not be able to get through the whole thing without laughing at least a few times.