[VIDEO] Why Grooming Dogs Is More Than Just For Aesthetics

The power of dog grooming is special. It is more than just an aesthetic adjustment, it lifts the spirits of animals. And that is what Mark “The Dog Guy” Imhof does, he lifts the spirits of sheltered animals.

The Dog Guy

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A dog groomer is crucial in the lives of orphan animals. They singlehandedly boost the chances of a dog being adopted tremendously. The Dog Guy threw the idea out to his wife that it would be great if someone would go to shelters and make the dogs looks nice. She told him that is what he should and the rest is history.

Meet Maks

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Maks was two years old when he was brought into the shelter. The owner had to give away the small cream colored dog due to allergies starting to be formed by the owner’s child. The owner told the shelter that Maks playful, housetrained and friendly. Doesn’t seem like a bad choice for adoption.

The only gripe a potential adopter would have with this dog is that he is not properly groomed. By the looks of the before picture, would your thoughts be that Maks is a friendly dog? Some may say yes but under that furry exterior is the face that is irresistible.

The Dog Guy’s perspective

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It always feels good to be able to do something good for others, doesn’t it? It may even feel better when that other is a dog without a home and that is why it makes The Dog Guy so emotional when he talks about what he does. Here is a quote he said while trying hard to hold back tears.

“Sometimes when I look at them in a really really bad condition I have such sympathy and pain,” said The Dog Guy. “It hurts to look at them but then when I groom them, it’s like there’s an amazing transformation that happens.”

Here Is Chomley

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This cute little fella’ goes by the name of Chomley, and he is a Cocker Spaniel mix. As you can see, his hair was badly matted which also means it looked like he lived through the apocalypse.Thankfully, when The Dog Guy was called in he was able to come in and make this dog look amazingly brand new.

He was taken care of and according to The Dog Guy, Chomley had matted fur everywhere even between his paws. “Chomley is a totally sweet, lovable boy and we’re hoping this clean up is going to help him get adopted,” said The Dog Guy.

Dog Grooming

Courtesy of HooplaHa – Only Good News

As we mentioned earlier, grooming a dog is more than just for looks. Put yourself in the dog’s shoes. When your hair is not done and your appearance is dirty then you might not be in the greatest of moods. The manager of Animal Care Centers of New York, Summer Dolder was quoted saying, “it actually is a medical necessity for many of our animals so a lot of these animals are uncomfortable and unhealthy.”

Not only do the dogs get a fresh outlook on life but The Dog Guy says his heart “is filled with such joy doing this work!”