You Won’t Believe Where They Found This Toddler

Imagine that one minute, your son or daughter is playing in your backyard. It’s been a long day, and reassured that they’re safe, you look away for a moment. Perhaps you were just distracted by a phone call or one of your other children, and you’re only gone for a minute or two. Then, you look return only to face every parent’s worst nightmare.

Your child is gone. You frantically look around, calling his name, checking in and out of the house, only to further accept that the child is now missing – and that you have no idea what has happened for them.


For one unlucky mother, this nightmare unfortunately became her reality.

Coutney Urness was in her yard with her three-year-old son Carson when he mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Urness experienced the absolute terror of losing track of a child, starting with the realization that Carson was gone, to a long, exhausting search around the neighborhood and close by areas. It didn’t make sense of what could have happened to Carson, he had just been playing and running around with their family dog, Cooper.

Then, both of them vanished within a few moments of Urness being preoccupied. When she looked back to check on him, both Carson and Cooper were missing. Panicked, Urness searched the backyard, front yard, as well as the family home before calling the police. Once they realized what had happened, the officers, are well as well-intentioned volunteers, family members, and close friends, swarmed the house and surrounding neighborhood to try to find him.

The group tirelessly searched for the boy, with authorities even utilizing helicopters to search the area. They searched other neighbors yards and homes, as aside from an abduction, would be the only places it made sense to look for Carson. He was just a toddler, he couldn’t have wandered too far, right? There had to be some indication of what had happened to him, right?

But there was no trace.

As it got later into the evening, and it got darker, the search party became exasperated, and almost gave up hope.The authorities started to think the worst, when one volunteer saw a small head pop up in an isolated field nearly a mile from the home. They realized that it was Carson, and as it turns out, Carson wasn’t alone.

He hadn’t been alone since he disappeared.

Cooper, the family dog, had made the long, mysterious journey with Carson. It was unclear why or how the pair had traveled so far, it was a remarkable distance for a young child to make, even with the assistance of a canine. But somehow, Cooper understood that because of their trek, the little boy was now in potentially grave danger.


To keep the boy from freezing in rapidly dropping temperatures, Cooper was huddled together with him, suggesting that he knew the boy was in peril and was trying to protect him until they were found. Carson, though shaken, was in good physical health, as was Cooper. They made it safely home, much to the relief of the family, and all of the dedicated individuals in the community who had searched for them.

This miraculous story made headlines all over the country, as the family expressed their gratitude for all of the help they had in finding Carson.

And of course, gratitude for such a loving, intelligent pet.