Things You Didn’t Know About Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has always been a bit of a rock and roller on all of his shows. This is what gives him his amazing and loud personality. Clarkson is even a proclaimed fan of the rock band Curved Air, which proves that he is a progressive and punk rock idol.

Curved Air Represents Britain’s Punk Rock Scene

The British punk rock scene is one of the biggest movements in musical history. Curved Air was at the crux of this movement because of their angry, violent, and anti-establishment lyrics. They also influenced the techno scene of the early ’80’s by using electronic sound.

He’s a Father

You might not be able to believe that Jeremy Clarkson has a paternal and loving bone in his body, but he is a father. The actor and motorist is the father of three children, with his second wife. The children are all Millennials, meaning that they might not love cars as much as their dad.

He’s Had Some Trouble With The Ladies

Jeremy Clarkson has always been someone whose had trouble with the opposite sex. Clarkson married Alexandra James in 1989, and it was assumed that she was the love of his life. Alexandra left Clarkson six months into their marriage and began to date one of his friends. Awkward.

He Has A Very Famous Mother

Jeremey Clarkson was raised by his entrepreneurial parents. His mother and father are the owners of the hugely successful Paddington Bear brand. Clarkson’s parents started out as door-to-door sales people to pay for their son’s education but ended up making a living from of Paddington.

Clarkson Was A School Boy

Jeremy Clarkson was a little school boy back when he was a child. His parents wanted him to be well-educated so they sent him to the Repton School, which is considered a British prep school. Clarkson absolutely hated the prep school scene and even called the school, “a suicidal wreck.”

He Loves His 2005 Ford GT

It’s no secret that Jeremy Clarkson has excellent taste in cars, and gave up several vehicles in order to get the best. After trading in his Ferrari Spyder and his Mercedes Benz he was able to buy a 2005 Ford GT. The coolest thing about this car is that his 2005 Ford GT is one of only 28 cars available in the United Kingdom.

Too Many Cars, So Little Time

When you’re the host of one of the greatest cars shows of all time, you have to have one of the best cars out there. Jeremy Clarkson has owned over 16 luxury cars over the past 20 years. Some of these cars include a Ferrari F355, Aston Martin Virage, and Lamborghini Gallardo.

Clarkson Both Ruined And Created “Top Gear”

Jeremy Clarkson is one of the three original hosts of “Top Gear,” even though he almost got the show canned. In 2002, Clarkson was one of the main reasons that the BBC approved to bring the show back. When the host left the original show in 1999, ratings dropped from six million viewers to under two million.

Presenters Don’t Get Free Cars

Even though the show tends to give the disillusion that the cars are given to the presenters, they aren’t. Jeremy Clarkson was only allowed to drive the cars, not take them home. Strict rules from the BBC made it so that all of the presenters on “Top Gear” had to buy their own vehicles from a licensed dealership.

He Almost Wasn’t On The Reboot

After Jeremy Clarkson left the original series of “Top Gear,” he left a very bad taste in the mouths of the producers. Instead of reinstating him as one of the presenters, the BBC thought that it might be a good idea to employ Noel Edmonds and Angela Rippon.

Noel Edmonds Is Usually The Butt Of A Joke

Noel Edmonds is famous in England for being a rather popular disc jockey on the radio station BBC Radio 1. He is also a presenter for light entertainment television programs in England for over 40 years. Despite all this, he is mocked in England for not being funny enough and is also considered boring.

He Has The Authority To Ruin A Car

Like “Fashion Police” ruins celebrities, Jeremy Clarkson can influence the popularity and how people react to a new car. The three presenters on “Top Gear” can sway their audience and ultimately play a role in the decision making for customers looking to buy a car. The trio famously once reported that the Ford Ka “looked like a frog.” The sales inevitably plummeted.

Clarkson’s Actually A Great Driver

This might actually be the most surprising fact on the list. The guys on “Top Gear” and now “The Grand Tour” have made a living out of doing crazy things with cars. Clarkson has a clean license record and doesn’t have any points on his license. Not even a speeding ticket.

He Has A Bit Of A Mouth On Him

Jeremy Clarkson does have a huge personality and is incredibly loud when it comes to voicing his own opinion. The motorist’s controversial comments have gotten him into trouble over the years. Including his statement that “The only person who ever looked good in the back of a four-seater convertible is Adolf Hitler.”

Racist Remarks Bad for the BBC

In fact, another comment he made launched a lawsuit against the BBC and landed Clarkson in hot water with the network. The comment in March 2014’s Burma special was perceived by viewers as racist and anti-Asian. He then was caught on camera uttering another racial slur, and the actor had two strikes against him.

Clarkson Fired After Giving Producer a Fat Lip

The last straw for Top Gear producers and BBC Network executives was when Clarkson got mouthy with Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon, which escalated into a physical altercation. Clarkson gave Tymon a busted lip and that was the end of Clarkson’s contract with Top Gear. Apparently, the argument was over the show’s kitchen being closed.

He Is Surprisingly Very Pro-Britain

Throughout his career, Jeremy Clarkson has been very pro-British. He has also been very verbal about his disdain for the United States and has told media that he doesn’t like the country at all. The presenter has, on more than one occasion, called the United States, “The United States of Paranoia because one needs a permit to do everything except for purchasing weapons.”

He’s Just A Little Too Tall

This “Top Gear” joke has been around for decades and still gets funnier every single time it’s said. Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are usually positioned right next to each other on the show so that you can see their height difference. Clarkson is easily nine inches taller than Hammond.

They’re From The Same Part of England

The two friends and co-hosts are actually both from Yorkshire, which is the North end of England. Yorkshire is best known for its castles and monuments created during the Roman occupation. The region is also known for its adorable dog, the Yorkshire terrier


Jeremy Clarkson is not one to soften any of his insults, but he does make them quite unique and creative. Due to his absolute disdain for any type of car that is diesel fueled, he made up the phrase, “dieasel.” The phrase has been picked up in England and is used to describe cars.

His Words Didn’t Work Once

Even though Jeremy Clarkson’s words can make or break an automobile (figuratively, of course) but sometimes his insults don’t always work. This was the case when Clarkson lambasted the Toyota Corolla. After his review, car sales actually went up for this domestic automobile.

“The Grand Tour” Is A Testament To Friendship

After “Top Gear” was rebooted as a BBC television after Jeremy Clarkson’s departure, both Richard Hammond and James May decided to leave too. The three of them decided that the show just wouldn’t be complete if one of them were missing. Their new show, “The Grand Tour” was picked up by Amazon, but for a hefty price. “Top Gear” now has three new hosts including Matt LeBlanc.

The Fight That Started It All

Jeremy Clarkson wasn’t renewed for another season of “Top Gear” because of his involvement in a fist fight with a BBC producer. The fight was actually called, “fracas,” due to how famous the debacle became. Jeremy Clarkson was upset due to trouble with catering while on location in Hawes, Yorkshire. The star was offered cold meat instead of the steak he wanted, and this caused him to go into a punching fit. Two days before the “fracas,” Jeremy Clarkson was told by a doctor that he had a lump that could be cancer of the tongue. This added to the anxiety but was later determined to not be cancerous.

Amazon Is On Fire Again

Amazon has recently joined the likes of Netflix and other streaming services to begin streaming shows directly online. The website was able to purchase, “The Grand Tour,” with an agreement of 36 episodes over the period of four years.

Their Shows Are Also On Fire

Amazon has recently put out some amazing television shows, all at the convenience of being online. They now have over 14 current shows and are expecting to put out 9 shows in 2016 and 2017. Their show, “The Man In The High Castle,” opened to critical reviews.

It Was Almost Called “Gear Knobs”

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 17: Jeremy Clarkson smokes as he leaves a reception at the Guildhall following the ceremonial funeral of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on April 17, 2013 in London, England. Dignitaries from around the world today join Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh as the United Kingdom pays tribute to former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher during a Ceremonial funeral with military honours at St Paul’s Cathedral. Lady Thatcher, who died last week, was the first British female Prime Minister and served from 1979 to 1990. (Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 17: Jeremy Clarkson smokes as he leaves a reception at the Guildhall following the ceremonial funeral of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on April 17, 2013 in London, England. Dignitaries from around the world today join Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh as the United Kingdom pays tribute to former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher during a Ceremonial funeral with military honours at St Paul’s Cathedral. Lady Thatcher, who died last week, was the first British female Prime Minister and served from 1979 to 1990. (Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

The show, “The Grand Tour” was actually going to be called “Gear Knobs,” as a pun on their previous show “Top Gear.” Producers decided that the term “Gear Knobs” was actually too uncomfortable for viewers and that they would respond better to the title, “The Grand Tour.”

“The Grand Tour” Was Going To Be A Set Of Movies

Originally the show was actually going to be a set of four television movies that were going to film directly on set without a television format or audience. Once the title of the show was set, the producers decided to make more location stops and studio time.

It’s Being Filmed in Some Unique Places

“The Grand Tour” is living up to its name when it says tour. The filming for this online series has taken place all over the world including stops in South Carolina, England, and South Africa. The producers believed that this would resonate with the online audience, who are already watching this series from all over the world.

This Could Help With People Who HATED America’s “Top Gear”

The American version of “Top Gear” was widely dismissed and was actually hated by most of the people who saw it. The show didn’t have the quirky humor or fun that the British show conveyed. Having “The Grand Tour” stop in South Carolina could make up for the harm that American “Top Gear” left.

The Deal Was Very, VERY Expensive

In order to secure Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May on this project, the producers stated that the cost of this show was, “very, very expensive.” Another costly aspect of the show is having the entire crew travel to shoot on location.

The Show Is Already Being Compared To “Top Gear”

It’s hard to make a great sequel to something great, which is exactly what producers are trying to do. “The Grand Tour” is already not as great as “Top Gear,” due to it’s streaming provider. The show will appear exclusively on Amazon, which could really hurt ratings.

The Twitter Hashtag Was The Greatest

During promotions, the name of “The Grand Tour” was still up in the air and was being kept away from viewers. The three hosts of the show decided to jokingly create the hashtag, #TheStillVeryMuchUntitledClarksonHammondMayAmazonPrimeShowComingAutumn2016 to try to spark some interest in the show. The name of the show was finally released on their official Youtube Channel on September 15, 2016.

The Date Of The First Episode Is Soon

The date of the release of the first episode is November 2016, which means that viewers won’t have to wait too long. It is also not yet known how many episodes are going to be released during this time, whether it is just the first episode or the entire season. We’ll have to wait to find out!

The Trailers Are Awesome

The trailers and promotions for this series reflected the wit of the original series of “Top Gear.” They were both funny and perfectly written. The clips were simply the three hosts; Clarkson, Hammon, and May trying to come up with a name for the show, but getting distracted by cars.

It Could Go Either Good, Or Bad

The key to the success of this show is whether or not they stick to their roots, resembling the British version of “Top Gear.” The humor of the British version was very tongue-in-cheek, versus the more serious nature of the American version. We hope they keep “The Grand Tour” British.

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond started out his career as a journalist before he was asked to be the side kick on the hit British television show, “Top Gear.” He has also been a presenter on “Total Wipeout,” “Science Abuse,” “Planet Earth,” and “Planet Earth Live.”

He Was Actually Interested In Day Time Shows

Day time talk shows are meant to warm you up for the day and also be relatively monotone. Hammond is anything but those things on both “Top Gear” and “The Grand Tour.” Hammond decided to leave the morning shows and spend time doing radio shows for the BBC before he got into cars.

James May

James May is arguably the smartest and most intelligent one out of the “Top Gear” trio. Along with being the co-host for both “Top Gear” and “The Grand Tour,” James May has written columns for The Daily Telegraph between the years of 2011 and 2013.

He Was Fired From A Car Magazine

In an interview with BBC 2, James May actually fessed up to being fired from the car magazine “Autocar”. He was let go for including a poem he had written in one of the articles that he was supposed to just edit. While hired on solely as an editor, May was promptly fired for not cooperating.

It’s Been Renewed

Since the television series was changed from a few television movies into a complete series, the show has been renewed for the next three years. This means that the show will be streaming online on Amazon until the year of 2019! The episode total will be up to 36 episodes every year, making a grand total of 108 episodes.

How To Watch

The episodes will be screened exclusively over Amazon, meaning that “The Grand Tour” won’t be available on television. Amazon is now offering new customers a 20 euro discount off of a full year subscription to Amazon prime if viewers sign up with the intent to watch the show.