Aww! This Girl And Her Dog Saved Two Goats In The Snow

This feel good story will definitely brighten up your day and make you believe in true kindness again. A young girl from a farming village was able to save a goat from death with the help of her trusty dog.


Hamdü Sena Bilgin, an 11-year-old from rural Turkey made headlines around the world recently for her loving and courageous behavior. During a snowstorm, the child and her dog were able to lift a goat and her newly born kid to safety by placing them in backpacks and carrying them out of the storm. The baby goat was on the foot of a very large slope, which prevented the baby goat from climbing through the snow.

Bilgin is the daughter of a goat herding family who operates a small milking farm in Rize, Turkey. While young Bilgin was out with her goat, a snowstorm struck without any notice. The goat she saved went into labor during a walk causing it a great deal of pain, and Bilgin became quick on her feet to take action to save the helpless animal. Biligin then led all of her goats out of the storm and ran back to her house to catch backpacks to retrieve the pregnant goat and her offspring.

Bilgin stated, “After the goat gave birth, I led the rest of the herd back to the farm. Then I grabbed two backpacks from the house and went back to the goat and her baby with Tomi. The snow was so thick, I was exhausted. But it was worth it.”

Tomi, her dog, was also a great assistant. Not only was he able to guide all of the healthy goats to safety, but he also wore a backpack to carry another animal. The dog carried a goat through inches of snow, without stopping or protesting his owner. This story proves that dogs and other animals have a natural instinct to help each other in times of distress.

Dogs, in particular, are specifically bred for this purpose. In rural country towns in Turkey, Pakistan, and India goat herding dogs, or stock dogs are trained to have empathy for their flocks. These dogs have been trained to no longer view their herd as prey and think of their goats as offspring, rather than food. Dogs are known for being highly intellectual and can even offer compassion to humans suffering from mental illness.

Hamdü’s admirable actions were caught on film by her brother and pictures of the incident have now gone viral. The photos first appeared in a Turkish newspaper but were shared on Facebook for world wide views. Hamdu is now a trending name on social media.


The comments from the Internet reflect the idea that Bilgin knows what it means to truly love all creatures, putting her own life on the line to save a small goat baby. Her actions prove that no matter where she is from or what religion she happens to believe in, humanity and kindness exist everywhere.