These Pets Are Parenting Human Babies Better Than We Ever Could

Kids and pets go together like peanut butter and jelly, but not the cheap jelly, more like the homemade from Grandma’s house jelly. They both enjoy the little things in life, like pooping whenever they want to, and eating anything shiny they find on the ground.

With the right training, pets and kids can be the best of the friends. If the dog doesn’t nip and the kid knows that hitting a dog isn’t the same as petting one, a relationship can form like no other. These pictures perfectly demonstrate how precious and productive these types of bonds can be. There are few things better than a big dog acting as a pillow for their tiny human!

Early Dentist School

Doggy Flapps.jpg

Becoming a dentist is a lucrative job that takes a lot of hustle and hard work to attain. This pup knows that and is giving this baby the opportunity to learn about oral health at a very early age. She’s been cleared to pull at its teeth, floss its gums, and realize why its breath smells so bad.

Playing Dress Up

Really Cute Dog And Baby .jpg

Everyone needs a dog that will be willing to put on any outfit. You can tell this dog wants nothing to do with this pink headband but it’s something it feels the need to do. This dog has the same look that any teenage babysitter has on their face after a long, 7-hour babysitting session during the parents first date out in over a year.

Gym Partner

Dogs Don't Want Down .jpg

This doggy understands the importance of exercise. With the obesity rates skyrocketing in America, it’s important to do at least 10 squats a day featuring your dog. Parents need to be more aware of the benefits of squatting with your dog on a daily basis because the results are really impressive. Just ask this girl.

Halloween Inspiration

Dressing Up For Halloween.jpg

Sometimes it’s tough to think of what you want to be for Halloween. But, if your dog also doubles as your parent, the decision could be fairly easy. When asked, this little girl said she “dressed like her hero” who happens to be lying right beside her. This made going door-to-door very easy.

Big Brother

Size Doesn't Matter .jpg

Some dogs are more than just siblings. They’re the protectors. If you think for a second that this kid is going to be made fun of for his style choices, you’re thoroughly mistaken. Not with this trojan horse at his side. This is like having a protective big sibling without the swirlies in the toilet.

A Long And Winding Road

Twinning .jpg

Going on a family trip can be pretty stressful for a parent, and often they’ll lean on the older kids to keep a watchful eye over their younger siblings. That goes double for dogs, especially when exploring the countryside where the buffalo roam.

Coming up, this dog shows why it’s very resourceful to utilize your dog as a baby chair as well.

Birthday Twin

Share a Birthday .jpg

Having a cake at your birthday party can be a daunting task. No one expects the kid to eat all the cake, but every parent is now gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan so they can’t help eat it either. That’s why it’s important to have a dog that isn’t afraid to get down on all fours and enjoy an entire COSTCO ice cream cake.


Cuddle Buddy.jpg

When mom is making the baby formula and dad is trying to fix the crib, there needs to be a third cuddler at the ready. In this case, it’s this dog who will never complain about being the big spoon. Right now that dog’s paw is completely numb which is a problem for humans, but clearly not a problem for canines.

Doubles As A Chair

Who Needs A Crib .jpg

Baby chairs are expensive, so if you can get a dog that has a big enough backside to completely cradle a baby, you utilize it. As a new parent, it’s important to take time and resource management very seriously and by allowing your dog to also act as an inanimate object, it will really help.

Dogs are the best playmates for kids because they’re willing to literally do anything fun, even if it involves getting incredibly wet.

Doctor Doctor

Taking Dogs Heartbeat.jpg

Medical school is expensive and competitive. Sending your application to a good med school means you better have good grades, but you also better have great extracurriculars. If you can say that for the first five years of your life you took your dog’s heartbeat and basically checked up on their health, you’re a tier one candidate.

Too Much Tongue

Kisses Inside Mouth.jpg

Something that I’ve found to be somewhat gross, but other dog owners seem to be okay with is when the dog licks your mouth. Everyone says that the dog’s tongue is the cleanest part of its body, but in my experiences, I’ve seen dogs literally eat frozen poop from other dogs. Not for me.


Dog Sprinkler.jpg

It’s all about distracting the kids in between meals. When kids are young they want to play with random objects and eat chicken fingers. If you can find someone who is willing to do both, you’re going to be in good company. Dogs are always willing to play in the sprinkler and get soaked KNOWING they have to now go to bed with wet, curly hair.

The dog just ahead goes to crazy lengths to ensure that his owner doesn’t go into the ocean. It’s very cool.

The Comedian Of The House

Dog Is Comedian.jpg

When your friends aren’t funny, sometimes it’s imperative that your dog is. Some dogs just get comedic timing better than humans. Like, for example, this dog just told a joke involving the current hostile political climate and it really landed with this lad. Everyone needs a dog who understand their sense of humor.


Kisses From My Beetches.jpg

The dictionary definition of a best friend is as follows: a person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide. A dog might not be a person, but they certainly check off all the other boxes. Dogs are literally out best friends.

Safety Dog

This Pupper.jpg

This dog isn’t letting this girl go into the water. He’s using his body as a shield to ensure that she doesn’t go too far into the ocean. This dog is more responsible than any parent who has ever let their kids wear Heelie shoes (the shoes that are also roller skates). Those things are dangerous and probably cause back pain later on in life.

The cat coming up launched itself at a pit bull that was attacking its owner and should really get a Nobel Prize for it.

Horsing Around

Horse Hug.jpg

Sometimes you just need a friend who’s going to hug you until you you’re ready to let go (which is sometimes never). Horses are great huggers, I guess? Just by looking at this picture, this is a fully committed hug that is rarely found today. It’s not often that you see a full arm wrap around WITH an added headrest on the shoulder.

Second Set of Eyes

Big Dog Baby .jpg

Sometimes your dog is just the second set of eyes you need when you’re attending to other tasks. For example, if you’re making dinner and the water overflows while you’re cooking rice, someone needs to make sure your newborn doesn’t take its first steps without you in the room. This dog is assuring that this baby will not walk until her parents are in the room.

Rescue Kitty

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 1.46.32 PM.png

Four-year-old Jeremy was playing in his driveway when he got attacked by a pit bull and dragged off of his bike. Before his parents could run over and help him it was his cat who flew in out of nowhere and attacked the dog and scared it off. As you can see in the picture his right leg needed some stitches but it could’ve been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the quick cat.

New Transportation

Transport The Kid .jpg

With bus fares rising across the US and car prices being, well, car prices, it’s nice if you can find an efficient way to get your kids to and from school. This is one of the most genius and resourceful ways to get your kids from point A to point B. If you have a dog that can also double as a furry horse, why not take advantage of it?

Play Sports

Collie dog playing with kids

It can be exhausting as a parent when you have kids who are playing sports and all they want to do is go outside and play. Getting a dog that can teach your kids how to weave through pylons and cut off the other player using angles is very important. Your kid can be learning soccer skills while your making dinner. It’s amazing.