This Baby Dressed As A Lion Got To Meet His Favorite Feline In Person!

Everyone dreams of meeting their idol. Some of us want to meet our favorite singer or actor on the silver screen, and we look forward to possibly coming face to face with them one day. Many individuals will never get the chance to meet their favorite star, but one young boy was living the dream when he got up close and personal with his favorite creature. He couldn’t be more excited, and this 11-month-old baby went one step further by dressing up as his favorite furry friend. It is almost too adorable to handle!


The baby boy’s name is Aryeh, and he had the cutest experience of his entire life. His godparents decided to take him the Atlanta zoo, but they weren’t going to stop there. They decided to dress little Aryeh as a lion cub, and there was a very thoughtful meaning behind the baby playing dress-up. Aryeh means ‘lion’ in Hebrew, so it was fitting that the baby boy dressed up as his namesake. It wasn’t until Aryeh reached the lion exhibit that the true magic happened. Aryeh was set down near the glass and everyone couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.


Aryeh starts crawling around and one lion is quick to notice the little cub. The adorable infant starts crawling and the lion is quick to follow, most likely confused and intrigued by the little lion on the other side of the glass. The lion follows little Aryeh as he ventures out of the camera’s view. The baby and lion both touch the glass at one point, almost as if they acknowledge each other as the same animal. Other lions approach the glass and it becomes some sort of spectacle to the huge cats. All the lions wanted to meet their new little cub. The animals were a bit cautious when coming towards the glass to examine Aryeh, but you can tell that they knew he was family. You can hear a woman in the video tell Aryeh, “it’s a big you,” and you know that the baby is enjoying every moment with his furry friends.


Aryeh’s godparents were quick to get a video and plenty of pictures of the baby meeting his new feline friends. It must have been hard to move to the next exhibit since the little boy sparked such a surprising friendship with his new lion pride. It’s not every day that a baby gets the attention of an entire exhibit of lions. Aryeh’s godparents will be able to share this video with the boy and prove he became part of the pride at the Atlanta zoo, and that is seriously epic. It goes to show that you never know what new friends you can make once you get yourself out there and show your true colors—or claws. Aryeh’s memorable feline encounter will forever be the cutest meet-up ever. Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery and Aryeh wins all of the brownie points with this one.