This Little Boy And His Dog Have An Adorable Morning Routine Together

Most of us have owned pets, and thus have our pet stories that are incredibly heartwarming. This fact is certainly true if you own a dog or a cat, currently or previously. One of the most uplifting stories that emerged on social media recently is that of a little boy and his dog, who share an interesting daily routine together every morning. As you keep reading, it’ll be easy to see why their story has been so popular!


Each night, the little boy and his dog go to bed together and sleep all night in the same bed. Both don adorable pajamas as they sleep side by side, and they share an incredible bond that is difficult to describe in words. You can see that they obviously live for each other and love each other. The saying that our pets are often a reflection of ourselves and our personalities is probably more true for them than it is for some other pet owners.

After they wake up, the two go downstairs to make their morning coffee together. The care and interest the dog takes in the little boy, and vice versa, demonstrates just how strong their bond of togetherness is.

The videos that have been filmed of the two together also make clear how amazingly close their connection is when compared to other pet owners. Throughout the videos, the little boy clearly knows he is being filmed and enjoys every minute of the production. He also constantly looks at his dog, reveling in how his best animal friend shares these moments with him and responds to him warmly. The two clearly help define just the type of relationship most of us want to experience with our pets.

For his part, the dog does a great job of entertaining the boy and clearly does things he is used to as a way to amuse them both. The dog accomplishes some pretty impressive tasks, like patiently sitting at a table with the little boy, and even standing upright on his hind legs to face the counter while the coffee is being made. The dog enjoys the little boy’s company, and also enjoys entertaining his co-star with his well-trained and loving feats.

Once the coffee is made, and the two sit at the table together and engage. The loving attachment emerges as striking in the video. There are several instances of the two looking at each other happily. The little boy clearly enjoys the attention and affection from his best friend, and the dog seems content doing whatever it takes to impress and encourage his co-star.


While many of us who own or have owned pets crave links to our animals like the one this little boy shares with his dog, their connection is truly unique and heartwarming. The two conjure a feeling of togetherness and love for each other that’s beyond what most of us get to experience with our pets in our lifetimes.