The Meteoric Rise And Tragic Fall Of Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez seemed to have it all. He rose from humble beginnings to NFL stardom, even one of the biggest contract’s ever for a tight-end. However, he couldn’t shake the family drama and violent tendencies that plagued his adolescence and young adult. This is the life story and tragic demise of former NFL star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez.

Humble Beginnings


Aaron Hernandez was born into humble beginnings. His parents worked hard to provide everything he and his older brother Jonathan needed. When the boys were still in grade school, their parents were finally able to get their first home. Their father, Dennis was a custodian, and their mother Terri was an administrative assistant at an elementary school. Jonathan recalled how hard their father worked to provide for the family. He told Sports Illustrated, “My dad worked his [expletive] off. His paycheck went to the family. Everything. Anything extra, he had to work overtime for.” However, as hard-working as their family was, you still couldn’t take everything at face value.