2018 Was A Brilliant Year For Technology. These Are The Gizmos And Gadgets That Stood Out Most

As each year passes, technology keeps improving much like a fine wine getting better with time. A day doesn’t go by where tech isn’t evolving, and 2018 showed us just how excited we should be for the future. Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon released innovative gadgets that will help pave the way for more technological advances. For example, Google phones now have the capability of calling a restaurant and making reservations for you. Wow! Here’s a definitive list of all the coolest new devices from 2018.

See Who’s There

Although there are plenty of video doorbells on the market, the Skybell HD is the best one out there. It’s jam-packed with features that are quite amazing. Equipped with a 1080p video with color night vision, this device means you’ll never look through a peephole again.

It captures events (triggered by motion) and comes with free cloud storage. Since it is compatible with Alexa, you can bring up your live feed right to your screen just by asking.