Amazon Launches One-Day Shipping for Prime Members

The day has finally arrived! Amazon officially launches one-day shipping for Prime Members in response to increased competition from other retailers. It's their way of saying "good job trying to compete with us." One-day shipping is available coast to coast in America to any Prime users. You probably think there has to be a stipulation, but there is no minimum purchase requirement, and this is available for over ten million products. A new form of procrastinating during holiday shopping is upon us.

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The one-day shipping plan first made headlines in April 2019, after Amazon announced the $800 million project in a statement. Jeff Bezos created a massive shipping network that includes 100 fulfillment centers, 100 delivery stations, and a fleet of cargo planes. One of its main competitors, Wal-Mart made a similar announcement in May 2019, but their next-day services are only available to 75% of the U.S. All this boils down to is Bezos is only going to get richer.