IKEA Secrets Straight From Employees Themselves

IKEA is one of the more well-known furniture stores in the world, thanks to its massive warehouses and wide variety of products. As popular as the company is, there are some things you could only know by being an employee. As the world’s largest furniture retailer, you can bet they have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep things running smoothly and sales as high as they can be. From the carefully calculated layout to the store codes, these IKEA secrets help to explain the company’s massive success.

The Design Is Meant To Make You See Everything

IKEA stores are an average of 300,000 square feet! With all of that space, you could easily miss out on a large percentage of the merchandise. To prevent this from happening, the interior design is set up like a maze.

Ma Jian/VCG via Getty Images
Ma Jian/VCG via Getty Images

Have you ever found yourself looking for one thing but passing through absolutely every section in IKEA on the way to it? That’s because of something employees refer to as the “Long Natural Way.” The term describes the path that the customer is steered down by the way everything is set up.