Live Mas? Disturbing Taco Bell Employee Confessions

Taco Bell is one of life’s guilty pleasures. The quality can be below par, but you can’t beat the price. Whether you are poor, hungry at 2 am, or too far under the influence to make healthy decisions, Taco Bell frequently seems to come in handy. However, if you legitimately do love Taco Bell, you may not want to read what is to come. After all, ignorance is bliss. Here are some confessions from the people who create one of your greatest guilty food pleasures. Reader discretion advised.

Feeling Parched? Maybe dehydrated?

“When I came back to work at Taco Bell on a short break from college, the company had graduated from using ‘real’ beef and beans to dehydrated beef and beans, which was quite a difference. Just add water and POOF, there was meat or beans. This all happened in the back, so none of the customers knew anything about it.” This is one employee’s confession about working for the fast food giant.

Dehydrated foods may not necessarily be “bad,” and Taco Bell claims to use 88% premium beef in there meats. But what is that remaining 12%? It’s a bunch of vague fillers when you look up the ingredients. So the world may never know.