New Google Maps Feature Alerts Users Of Speed Traps

Google Maps is one of the most popular GPS apps out there, but apparently not with law enforcement. A new feature added to the app will allow people to pin speed traps so other users know when to slow down to avoid a ticket, which is angering law enforcement.

As a whole, the app lets users pin locations where traffic has slowed down. These can include areas of construction, lane closures, or even disabled videos. These features were already available for Android users but now those with iPhones will be able to access them.

The new feature to allow users to spin speed traps is exciting to many users. Speed traps are areas where police cars hide to catch drivers who are speeding. The option comes from another popular navigation app called Waze, which is also owned by Google.

The feature has many law enforcement officials angry. The NYPD even issued a letter to Google earlier this year to complain about it.

“We demand that Google LLC, upon receipt of this letter, immediately remove this function from the Waze application,” the letter read. They recently told The Washington Post that they are in “productive talks” with the tech giant regarding the issue.

The feature does seem helpful for drivers but definitely does defeat the purpose of a speed trap. However, a navigation app is supposed to get you there as fast as possible so the feature is a great addition.