Selling At Any Cost: The Most Controversial Ads Ever

Companies have been coming under fire for what some consider to be controversial ads since the beginning of advertising. These ads have it all, from racism, to sexism, to re-imagined history! See which companies put out the ads and what others have said about them.

Chained Child

In 2016, Versace released a campaign featuring model Gigi Hadid. Gigi is the daughter of Yolanda Foster (of Real Housewives fame) and Mohamed Hadid (a real estate mogul). In the ad, Gigi is shown as a chic mother walking with her husband and two children. The older child in the photos looks to be six or seven years old, which would mean Gigi would have been a VERY young mother in real life.


The model had just recently celebrated her 21st birthday. People were outraged by the ad because they said it romanticized teenage motherhood. Other people were outraged that the ads featured Gigi with biracial children, one of whom appears to be chained to her stroller. While it may be just a fashion statement, it is pretty outrageous that the creators of the ad would choose to show a child of African descent in chains.