These Facts About Elon Musk And Tesla Will Electrify Your Day

Tesla Motors was founded by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard in 2003 in San Carlos, California. In 2008, the Roadster was launched to critical praise, “it is not just a car, but one of the strongest automotive statements on the road.” When the Model S was released five years later, it outsold all of its luxury competition and was named the Motor Trend Car of the Year. All of this begs the question; in a world where electric cars were never supposed to be taken seriously, how did Elon Musk and Tesla revolutionize the industry? The true story of Tesla will electrify your day. You won’t believe why it’s illegal to drive the Model X over the Brooklyn Bridge!

Elon Musk Didn’t Create The Company

Although Elon Musk is credited as one of the founders of Tesla, the truth isn’t so simple. The company was initially created by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. When GM recalled and destroyed its electric car stock in 2003, they saw an opening to jump into the industry.

Photo Credit: Chris Weeks/WireImage via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Chris Weeks/WireImage via Getty Images

Musk entered the world of Tesla in 2004, investing in the company and joining its board of directors. Musk quickly became the charismatic face of the company. He was named CEO in 2008, and still holds the position in 2018.