What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done At Work? Bet It Doesn’t Top These Crazy On-The-Job Stories

Admit it, there are times at work when you want to tell off a customer, yell at your boss, or do something else you specifically know is not allowed. The employees here decided they didn’t care about their job enough to follow the rules. In some cases a customer drove them over the brink, and in other cases they couldn’t stand the way they were being treated by their manager or fellow co-coworkers. Whatever their tipping point was, these employees took their revenge to the extreme.

The Pretend Manager


An employee who was working a seasonal job for the second year in a row decided to take control of his job situation. During the first day at work he started telling employees what they were doing wrong and ask them to fix mistakes. He basically took on a managerial role without any permission. The full-time employees at the company knew about this prank but went along with it. On his last day of work he revealed to the other employees that he held the same position that they did. He had even gone so far as to send people home, who had “disappointed” them during work shifts.

Don’t Mess With A Man’s Sandwich

Sandwiches and Skoal

This employee made a co-worker very sick for a good cause. She tells the story of a co-worker named Tim. Tim was the type of guy who would take food out of the company fridge even though it had someone else’s name on it. Employees knew it was Tim stealing their food but they never confronted him. One day this particular employee decided to put an entire can of Skoal chewing tobacco between two pieces of bread. The next day Tim told their boss he “wasn’t feeling very well” and needed to go home. The sandwich was found in the garbage with a big bite taken out of it.

Revenge On An Angry Customer

Gas Station

In the days before everyone had access to Google Maps, a Reddit user says a very angry and impatient female came into the gas station where he was working and demanded directions. The employee was already helping customers and asked the lady to wait until his paying customers were finished. She refused and demanded directions to a local mall that was just down the street. The employee, enraged by her demand, sent her on a wild goose chase to a completely different mall 20 minutes away. After she left, the 10 other customers in line broke out in applause.

The Soup Looked Like Mush

Soup of the day

A dishwasher at a small café was in charge of cleaning all the dishes that were put in the “To be Washed” area. During her first shift, she noticed a disgusting giant pot filled with a mushy-type substance. She worked around the pot because it looked like spoiled food. Finally, after about half an hour she started cleaning out the pot. Minutes later the chef came to the back to ask where the Soup du Jour had been placed. That disgusting mush was supposed to be served to customers!

Embarrassing A Customer Who Deserves It

Furnace Filter Customer

A customer working at a DIY store waited until his last day to embarrass a customer. He had become sick and tired of people who would bring in their disgusting old furnace filters and just leave them in the aisle. Customers can grab the filter size they need off the side of their filter — so there’s really no need to bring in the old one. Realizing it was about to happen again, this employee followed a customer to the filters, waited for him to leave his old one behind, and then confronted him in the checkout line. “Sir, you dropped your dirty filter on accident. You had better keep this nasty thing to make sure you get the correct size next time. Have a good day!” the employee proclaimed.

Would Your Husband Like Viagra With That?


A new worker at a pharmacy took a call for a wife who was refilling a prescription for her husband. The employee realized that her husband also had a Viagra prescription to refill, and he asked if she would like to refill that Rx as well. It turned out that the wife wasn’t the person benefiting from the hubby’s erectile dysfunction medicine.


900 Number

This is a story we have heard more than once. An employee was responsible for creating an advertising mailer that would be sent to thousands of customers. The phone number was unfortunately off by one number. When customers attempted to call the company they were greeted by an adult chat operator. Ooops.

Postal Job Security?

US Post Office

Looking for a secure job with a guaranteed pension? Join the postal service. One employee told the story about totaling two company vans. Following that mistake she accidentally priced thousands of paycheck mailers at $2.10 instead of $.21. Not only were she not fired, she’s remained with the agency for more than 25 years.

Leave The Big Red Button Alone

Big Red Button

It’s a pretty good idea that if you notice a big red button under a counter, you don’t push it. This employee was washing under a store’s checkout counters when he became obsessed with that button. Without a second thought he pressed the button to see what it would do. The silent alarm went off, and the manager had to explain to the police that it must have been a mistake. Before everyone could be sent home the manager demanded that the guilty party come forward. A woman in her 60s took the blame, actually believing she made have pressed the button by accident. The real culprit never spoke up.

That’s Some Really Clean Bleached Ice

Dirty Ice Bucket

A Reddit user confessed to accidentally using a cleaning bucket to refill the ice in a movie theater soda machine. The movie theater had a bucket used for soaking sponges which were used to clean off floors, walls, chairs, and other surfaces around the theater. One day the employee accidentally filled the bucket with ice. Their coworkers told them to just go ahead and fill up the ice bucket — but to hurry up so the manager didn’t see.

The Drunk Employee And The Unreported Kitten Spam

Kitten Email

One employee was working late at the office when she decided to have a few drinks. At some point she thought it would be a smart idea to send a picture of a kitten to more than 2,000 employees and the company’s CEO. Apparently everyone in the company loves kittens, because the employee was never reprimanded.

The Boss’ Chest Hair

Bosses Chest Hair

An employee with an office job told the story about a co-worker whom they regularly flirted with. They would send questions over Skype to each other and promise to answer honestly. One day the female employee asked her co-worker friend if he had chest hair. She accidentally sent the message to her boss. His response? A simple chuckle before telling her to “go back to work.”

The Computer Geek Strikes Back

Pixelated Images

One sneaky computer programmer was continually asked to perform image manipulations, even though that was not in his area of expertise. He asked for actual programming work but his employer wouldn’t give it to him. In response, the employee started embedding pixelated messages into the company’s image database. To this very day he claims to see those same images on the internet.

The Job That Didn’t Exist

No Actual Job

One employee at a call center explains how they were hired, given a desk, and then received no work. Apparently, they were never given login information for any of the company’s systems. No calls were ever routed to his desk, and the employee spent a full year browsing Reddit, Facebook, Wikipedia, and other sites. Not a bad way to collect a paycheck.

Attention Customers: We Are Not Trying To Kill You… Most Days

Supermarket E Coli

An employee at a big box supermarket realized she was about to be fired after an argument with her boss. The employee then walked over to the P.A. system and in a happy voice said, “Attention Oakridge shoppers; we are proud to announce we are no longer selling e-coli contaminated meat on most weekdays!” That was the end of her time working at the supermarket.

A Smelly Trail Of Evidence


One worker had to apologize after he made their entire office reek of dog poop. The employee had to confess to their “crime” because the trail of poop led from the front door right to his desk. Apparently he had stepped in the poop and then trailed it through the office. He at least apologized for it, and cleaned up the mess.

Don’t Mess With The Wardrobe Person


A wardrobe manager on a cruise line would mess with employees who angered her. She used her tailoring skills to slowly alter a performer’s clothing so they believed they were putting on weight. This sounds like a good way to turn your employees into a bunch of anorexics.

Your House Explosion Will Be $124.95 Please

Customer Service

This is a really sad story. A new employee working for a gas company was forced to call an elderly woman and ask for the money she owed on her gas bill. The woman had just lost her home because of a gas leak that caused a massive explosion. Ouch.

The Compost And The Manure Pile


This is the perfect example of why you need to get all of the details before making certain business decisions. A female worker at an organic foods store received a call one day from the local fire department asking if they could dispose of some manure in the store’s compost pile. The next day the fire department showed up with two dump trucks completely full of composted manure and dumped it behind the store.

A Promotion On The First Day

Personal Office

One employee was hired to an entry-level position for one of the largest auto and home insurance companies in the country. He showed up on his first day and was surprised when he was shown to his personal office. The employee had expected to be placed in the customer service pit with the other new workers. It wasn’t until four hours later he they found out that HR had placed him in a call center management position. He claims his salary went from $24,500 to $53,000. It was his very first job out of college, and he was so impressed by the salary that he never told anyone about the mistake. “I’m now a program director at the same company 15 years later and I make $135,000 a year,” the employee says. “In all fairness, every single one of my quarterly reviews have been amazing so I’m pretty good at my job. This was definitely a happy accident.” Some employees just don’t care, and others can only work with what they are given. Let this serve as a warning to customers and bosses. Treat workers with respect or you might just end up on the receiving end of their revenge.