Why Telling Your Brand’s Story Is So Important

Everyone likes a good underdog story, right? Think about it. Think about the pride you felt when the Titans took the title by storm, or when the US beat Russia for the only time in history in the legendary tale of Miracle. This is exactly why revealing the history behind your brand is vital to growing your business; your business in the beginning stages of its development is the underdog of your own story.


The concept of an underdog can reflect experience, struggle, and a relatable quality to not only consumers but even other businesses as well. We, of course, are not encouraging you to share a sob story with the general public to gain pity and a following. But sharing the internal and external factors and possible barriers from the start of a business can really go a long way in humanizing your brand.

Stay Grounded

Whether it started in a garage or a fancy office building right away, roots keep us grounded and relatable to the public and function as the perfect way to display company growth. Authenticity in this life is increasingly becoming valuable as corporations are selling their souls to marketing and sales; our stories might be the only thing we have left.

How do you do it? Return to the traditional form of communication through word-of-mouth, reveal the real-life struggles that are involved with creating and building a brand, and drive the public’s perception of your company’s morale.

Rather than being seemingly socially responsible or eco-friendly, it takes much more effort to actually deliver them through the actions (not just the words) of the brand. And, as we have seen in the past, those companies that fake their eco-friendly personal are eventually outed and either lose business or even end up going under.

Culture Is Everything

When it really comes down to it, what sets successful companies apart from others is a strong culture built by happy employees. People are going to be more motivated to work hard for a business that stands for something and puts it all out on the table, rather than hiding their evolution out of embarrassment or shame.

This authentic approach to bridging the gaps between businesses and their communities not only encourages the public to work with the brand in a short-term manner but also creates long-term, trustworthy relationships. Generating this type of business is vital to the sustainability of the corporation and its ability to produce continued positivity and growth.

Write It Out

One approach to brand building on top of all of the advice we have given you so far that will truly put you ahead of the game is to share the story verbally; there is nothing more powerful than words coming from a strong, independent, and business spoken with truth and honesty to the public. In the form of press releases, speeches, events and other formal and informal communicative outlets with the public, your brand’s story will make a name for itself.

Ahead of the Times

An extremely unique form that is on the rise in technology is the concept of virtual reality. Companies that have access to such a progressive form of communication are taking advantage of its functionality in the business world through brand marketing strategies. Not only does the option offer instant gratification and convenience, but it can significantly add to the perceived quality of the brand and the business’s dedication to it.

financial symbols coming from hand

If there is anything to take away from this it is the age- old cliche “be yourself,” trust your process, share your story, and build your brand to a quality that you never even dreamed possible.