You’ve Probably Forgotten About These 1960s TV Shows

Television shows come and go over the decades, with some leaving a more significant mark than others. While some shows live on long after their time or find a second life on streaming platforms, that’s not the case for many of them. These are the shows from the 1960s that have slowly been forgotten about. Do you remember them?

Car 54, Where Are You? Won Several Awards

Airing for two seasons on NBC, Car 54, Where Are You? was a comedy about New York City officers in the 53rd precinct. Car 54 is their patrol vehicle. Unlike other shows, this one was filmed in black and white. It was authentically shot on location in the Bronx.


Despite its short run, the show won several awards including an Emmy for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy. To make sure the cars looked real in black and white, they were painted bright red and white during filming.