These 1980s Stars Founds Ways To Find Happiness After Their Fame Faded

The 1980s have resurfaced in style, music, and television — more or less all things pop culture. This reemergence of all things ’80s has left some people wondering whatever happened to their favorite ’80s stars. While some celebrities from the era have remained in the limelight, others have taken an intentional step out of it, like Ghostbusters star Rick Moranis or award-winning actress Debra Winger. Some of these celebrities you may not even recognize today, such as the chubster from the Goonies who shaped up, or Jennifer Grey after her plastic surgery. Let’s see what these ambiguous stars have been up to for the past few decades.

Chunk From The Goonies Slimmed Down

The Goonies is a childhood favorite film that never goes out of style thanks to its relatable cast of kids. One of the most lovable of these child stars was Chunk, the adorable chubster who befriends a scary giant.

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Warner Bros.; gotpap/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images
Warner Bros.; gotpap/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images

Actor Jeff Cohen has slimmed down since he played Chunk, but he no longer is all-about acting. He earned a law degree and started his own firm, Cohen & Gardner. He technically never left Hollywood, though. His firm is in Beverly Hills and specializes in entertainment law.