Artists Finally Reveal Who Triggered Their Revenge Songs

A common piece of advice aspiring musicians receive is to “write what you know,” and from the sounds of it, some of them know a lot about being scorned. This makes betraying an artist a risky proposition because there’s a good chance someone’s hurtful actions will be aired out in public and make that artist even more successful in the process.

But while some artists who pen revenge songs make the subject of them obvious in the lyrics, others are a little coyer about the ones who wronged them. But eventually, eager fans will find that if they wait long enough, they’ll get an answer to their theories.

Shakira – “Out Of Your League”

After Latin pop star Shakira’s well-publicized breakup with soccer star Gerard Piqué following his alleged infidelity, she released “Out Of Your League.” Based on references to sports championships and the age of Piqué’s next girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, fans were immediately convinced the revenge song was directed at him.

2019 Davis Cup - Day Seven
Europa Press Entertainment/Europa Press via Getty Images
Europa Press Entertainment/Europa Press via Getty Images

And the singer would confirm this was true in an Instagram statement, which read, “What for me was a catharsis and a discharge, I never thought I would get straight to number one in the world at 45 years old and in Spanish.”