Awkwardly Memorable Red Carpet Moments That Prove Celebrities Are Just Normal People

It’s amazing to see celebrities in awkward moments since they usually seem so glamorous. But there are times when they prove to the world they’re just regular people, tripping over their shoes, giving awkward handshakes, and goofing around with their friends.

While us normal folk don’t have to worry about a picture being taken each time we do something questionable, stars don’t have that luxury. Coming to you from various red carpet events, here are some of the more memorable awkward celebrity moments.

Jason Segal’s Strut Being Interrupted By A Vacuum

When it comes to red carpet events, especially the Oscars, some things are certain to happen. One, actors are going to dazzle in gorgeous formal wear. Two, there will be more than one awkward interview. And three, more designer names will be uttered during that one event than the entire year.

Jason Segal's Strut Being Interrupted By A Vacuum
Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

But actor Jason Segel wasn’t anticipating a fourth occurrence: a worker taking the time to vacuum the red carpet while the event was taking place!