Captured! The Best Celebrity Photobombs On The Internet

Everyone loves a good photobomb! We’ve compiled a list of the funniest photobombs on the internet and we can assure you, you’ll never look at some of these celebrities the same again. From red carpet bloopers to pre-planned picture sabotage, we’ve got these celebrities caught on camera for the world to see!

Taylor Swift & J-Law

Jennifer Lawrence has mastered the art of photobombing. The starlet is pictured above, trying to take a moment in the spotlight away from Taylor Swift. Knowing J-Law, we’re sure it was all in good fun!

While Swift was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, Lawrence crept up the stairs like a dinosaur before making it to the podium to hug Swift. Lawrence joked, “I was going to come in and push you down the stairs.” Swift replied, “People would love that.”

Russell Brand Does the Creep

Russell Brand may come off as an anti-establishment, do-it-your-own-way comedian but this photobomb shows us just how much he would love to be apart of the Twilight cast. It’s also possible that he’s a huge fan of the franchise… or Kristen Stewart. Let’s just roll with the latter.

In this moment from the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, Brand actually caused quite a stir when he interrupted the Twilight cast’s bit to introduce Paramore’s performance. The biggest outrage came after Brand cut off fellow Brit, Robert Pattinson, in mid-sentence. Eventually Pattinson sort of managed to say what he needed to, but it was pretty embarrassing, to say the least.

Lupita Nyong’o Doesn’t Even Know

Lupita Nyong’o probably didn’t expect to join the world of celebrity photobombing when she rose to fame in 2013. The Academy Award-winning actress was upstaged by Emma Thompson at the Screen Actors Guild Award with this simple, yet beautifully executed photobomb. The two esteemed actresses appeared together on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter in 2013.

When asked about the moment, Lupita said, “She’s a riot. I only learned [about it] afterwards. Someone sent me the GIF and I was just like, ‘Oh my God.’ I had no idea she was doing that.” Lupita will soon get to be the photobomber, though…

Lupita Gets Jared

And her chance to be the star of a photobomb is with Jared Leto! Jared and Lupita shared a moment together backstage at the Oscars after being awarded for their roles as supporting actors. Fortunately for the internet, they also shared this incredible photobomb in good spirits.

Around this time, rumors were sparked that Leto and Nyong’o were hooking up but they were quickly dispelled by Nyong’o after her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Leto made light of the rumor in his speech during the Independent Spirit Awards saying, “Lupita, I’m thinking about you baby.”

He’s Thinking of His Next Case

A black-tie event is sure to bring together even the most unlikely of celebrity pairs. Pictured above, we have Olivia Wilde and Justin Timberlake engaging in a conversation, but take a look at the suspicious, third party in the background! Hugh Laurie didn’t just photobomb the stars’ photo, he gave his two cents on the discussion topic with a simple facial expression.

It’s difficult to say just where exactly this hilarious photo was taken, but you can bet that it was at a Hollywood awards show. Needless to say, Laurie looks like he just wants to get on with the show and go home.

Say Hi, Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch got it right when he photobombed Bono and his very large posse! It didn’t take just an insane amount of stealth to pull this type of maneuver off but a lot of guts and bravery as well. Could you imagine how Bono would have reacted if he caught him?

Cumberbatch talked about later talked about the moment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: “So I got a friend Helen who’s a huge life-long fan—I mean, as I am—but she’s like, ‘Oh my God, they really sort of soundtracked my life, please, please get a photo with them,’ and uh, I thought, ‘It’s my perfect moment.'”

Zach Has Vanessa Hudgens’ Back

It doesn’t take much for Vanessa Hudgens to look cute for the cameras, but the addition in this photo probably wasn’t what she expected! High School Musical co-star, Monique Coleman, made sure this was a photo opp for two. She snuck right in there, in the most unlikely of places!

Also, peep Zac Efron making a creepy face behind the both of them! This is all too funny, considering that back then Efron and Hudgens dated. He was probably wondering why he wasn’t invited for the photo. Unfortunately, they split up a long time ago and it doesn’t look like there’s a chance they’re getting back together.

Double Photobomb


It’s hard to tell whether or not Tina Fey is being sarcastic or a complete fan-girl in this picture. The comedic genius photobombed Olivia Benson (oops, Mariska Hargitay) when she wasn’t paying attention at the 61st annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Her character on SVU would’ve seen Tina coming from a mile away!

Tina Fey is notorious for photobombing other celebrities at awards shows and her hijinks behind Hargitay is an example of her best work in the field. Later, Hargitay noticed what Fey was up to before sharing a laugh and a friendly embrace. Then the two took the opportunity to strike a pose together!

Fergie & Jessica Alba Get Bombed by Braff

Zach Braff usually presents himself as a conservative guy but in this picture, we can see him seize the opportunity to have fun with Fergie and Jessica Alba. It looks like the photo was taken in a backstage area with plenty of cameras around. If we were Zach, we too would take the chance to get between these beautiful stars.

As if Braff’s classic grin wasn’t enough to add hilarity to this photo, Braff humored us all once again when in 2013 he photobombed a bride and groom’s photo in New York City. The bride and groom are taking a posing on a busy crosswalk where Zach just happened to be passing through!

Two Heads

Pictured above, we have a very pregnant Angelina Jolie being photobombed by Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman. Either this actress isn’t experiencing pregnancy hormones or her sense of humor is through the roof. Although, we could image it’s hard to stay mad at Jack Black for just doing what he does best.

Jack Black is actually the one who inadvertently revealed to the press that Angelina was pregnant back in 2008. Black blamed his slip of the tongue on his wife, who had told him about it earlier. However, he said that there was no bad blood as, “[Angelina] as relieved. She wanted to spill the beans, but didn’t know how to and I did it for her,” reported People.

Michael Cera Looks Lost

Michael Cera is pretty much the king of awkward. The goofy, yet lovable actor may have photobombed this couple on accident but the result couldn’t be more perfectly hilarious. We just love seeing a young a Michael Cera. It reminds us of his “Arrested Development Days!”

Apparently, Michael Cera wasn’t even aware of the photobombing trend. He appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and said that he really just likes to jump into other people’s photos for fun. Whether or not he knew what he was doing, we can all agree that Cera knows how to make a picture funny.

Michael Cera… Again


Once again, we find a young and seemingly delighted Michael Cera photobombing another fan. What’s even more unusual about this picture are the two parrots this random guy is holding. Maybe they were at a zoo when this picture when taken. Needless to say, Michael Cera is probably the unsung king of photobombing.

Cera hasn’t been too active in the industry as of late, but he has made an appearance on the show Twin Peaks. He also has a number of film projects slated for 2017, such as The Lego Batman Movie, How to Be a Latin Lover, and Blazing Samurai.

The Running Photobomb

We don’t know which element of this photograph is most surprising, the fact that Kevin Spacey photobombed a fan or the fact that he’s running. The public usually assumes he’s a straight-laced guy but this picture proves differently. Regardless, this photobomb is one of the funniest we’ve seen!

Christina Sander, the one who is being photobombed in this picture, told Boston Magazine, “[My friend] took a picture, and then I noticed someone running directly toward me. As he [came] closer, I realized it was Kevin Spacey. He stopped right next to me, posed and yelled ‘This is a photobomb!’ …And then he just jogged on, looking back 10 meters down the road and [waving] at me.”

Queen Elizabeth

One of the internet’s favorite photobombs has to be Queen Elizabeth giving these young athletes the surprise of their lives! From a distance, the Queen of England always looked like a gentle natured woman with a nice smile, but apparently, she’s also a riot! Long live the Queen!

This photo was taken at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, when the Queen paid a visit to the Australian women’s Hockeyroos. The girls were thrilled that the actual Queen of England paid a visit to their hockey game and she even made an effort to meet the girls and have conversations with them.

Taylor Swift

It looks like Taylor Swift learned a thing or two from her photobomb experience with Jennifer Lawrence. The pop-country singer photobombed her two best friends, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, when they were least expecting it. We guess that’s part of the deal when you join Swifty’s squad.

This photo was taken in 2014 at a pre-Oscars party thrown by Harvey Weinstein. Swift was actually photobombing her friend Karlie, but this is also evidence of the beginnings of her friendship with Gigi Hadid. Hadid acknowledged the photobomb herself when she posted the picture with the caption, “Photobombs this good must be shared.”

Zooey Deschanel

Resident funny girl, Zooey Deschanel, proves once again how cute and unashamed she is. She photobombs Jesse Tyler Ferguson in the most old-school way possible with a pair of bunny ears on the back of his head. This occurred on the red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globes. It occurred just moments after Jesse Tyler Ferguson had attempted to photobomb Zooey Deschanel’s red carpet moment.

Ferguson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain the moment: “It’s always so crazy on the red carpets because if you’re standing between two beautiful women, it’s like the cameras part like Moses and the Red Sea… There’s no cameras on me, so I was just trying to like, you know, get her attention so that actually happened after I photobombed her.”

Is That… Kermit?!

If you’re going to get photobombed by anyone, why not hope it’s Kermit the Frog? Lady Gage must’ve left this puppet in the back of the limo and ditched him for the red carpet. Otherwise, he’s just green with envy and wants to be captured on camera, too.

This picture is from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Gaga stepped onto the black carpet in a Victorian-style gothic dress. She arrived to the event with Kermit the Frog, as you see. She ended up going through five wardrobe changes throughout the duration of that night, having performed on stage and winning the award for Best New Artist.

Look Closely… It’s Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber found the perfect opportunity to photobomb newlyweds Russel Brand Katy Perry. These two probably didn’t even know Bieber inserted himself in their shot until much later on! We can barely believe how young and innocent he still looks here.

This picture was taken at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. That year, Katy Perry had the most nominations—a total of ten—out of anyone in the room. She ended up winning the highest honor at that show, the Video of the Year award for her song “Firework.” Bieber also walked away with the award for Best Male Video for his song “U Smile.”

Rihanna & Chris Rock

Look who we’ve caught checking out Rihanna from behind! Can you really blame Chris, though? We’re not sure if he was still married at the time, but if he was, it’s okay to still window shop as long as you don’t make that purchase. This happened in 2008 at a Gucci charity event hosted by Madonna, where celebrities arrived at the United Nations and raised $3.7 million for UNICEF and Raising Malawi.

Chris Rock’s affections for Rihanna caused a little stir again in 2016 when he hosted the Oscars and said, “Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited.”

NPH Bombs John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

Hasn’t the public grown tired of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s perfect couple status? Apparently, Neil Patrick Harris has, and he photobombed their couple selfie at the 2014 Grammy Awards to make the perfect statement! That’s probably not true, but we do appreciate his attempt to disrupt yet another family photo.

The Legend family wasn’t mad though. Chrissy Teigen posted the picture to Instagram with the caption, “One can only be so lucky to get a nph photobomb.” Harris also had fun when Legend took to the stage to perform “All of Me” by tweeting, “John Legend is phenomenal. I was sure he was singing to me, kept looking right at me. Realized his wife was one row behind me.”

One Scary Photobomb

Do you remember the newlywed Nick and Jessica days? We don’t either, but it existed and had a nice run. We’ll definitely remember Dave Grohl’s amazing photobomb efforts that spiced up this red carpet photo. it had a touch of scariness to it. Kurt Cobain would have been proud!

This hilarious photo opportunity happened at the 2005 MTV Music Video Awards. In other words, it was a really long time ago (we mean, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are together here, so you know it’s old). At that time, Simpson and Lachey were the stars of their own show, The Newlyweds.

The Beatles

One of the best parts of digging up old photographs is the nostalgia that comes with it. Even better, this blast from the past shows Paul McCartney as an original photobomber, attempting to get in on George Harrison’s moment in the sun. Paul looks a little jealous, don’t you think? Or perhaps he’s wondering why George is getting all the ladies and not him. Either way, this definitely shows a more playful side to the iconic music legends.

Sir Paul actually claims on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that he invented the photo bomb. We wouldn’t be surprised since is the oldest picture on the list dating all the way back to 1964.

Beyoncé at… Blockbuster?

Hey, sometimes celebs get photobombed by other celebs! We don’t know if Queen Bey meant to get caught behind Superbowl champ Haloti Ngata in this snapshot, but there she is. Ngata, a defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, is seen here posing with a DVD of the 2012 film The Coalition and Beyoncé appears to be trying to sneak by undetected.

Ngata is holding the film as a proud teammate since fellow Baltimore Ravens player Terrell Suggs is in the movie. Beyoncé is known for having knocked the power out during her SuperBowl Halftime show, so here she is probably trying to sneak out unnoticed.

The Lion Takes Charge

When you first glance at the picture, you probably assumed the lion in the background was Simba. The giant costumed cat photobombing David Schwimmer and Ben Stiller is actually Alex the Lion from Madagascar. It seems fitting since Stiller voices Alex in the movie. As it turns out, the three of them make a good-looking squad. The funniest part is that these two have no clue!

Madagascar came out in 2005 and made $532.7 million in the box office. The DreamWorks film became such a success that it spawned two sequels and one spin-off.

Perfect Timing with Emma Watson

Just when you thought the perfect photobomb didn’t exist, you come across Emma Watson getting pranked by the Dark Lord himself! This shot couldn’t get any more perfect, as we see Hermione in the same facial contortion as her fellow wizard. Here’s to hoping the whole thing wasn’t staged!

This picture was taken at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 in 2011. The movie was made with a $250 million budget but made that back and more having made $1.342 billion in the box office. Well it was, after all, the final film in the franchise.

Gaga’s Face Isn’t Right…

Poor Katy Perry just can’t seem to catch a break. Not only has she been photobombed by the Biebs but now she has to worry about Gaga waiting in the wings. Speaking of Lady Gaga, if looks could kill then Katy would have hit that carpet in a second.

This was taken at the 2011 American Music Awards, where both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga were up for the highest honor, Artist of the Year. Unfortunately, they both lost to Taylor Swift. They were also the only two artists up against Adele for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist, but sadly they both lost that one too.

Donald Trump Meets Tyler the Creator

Before the latest Presidential election came into play, no one would have cared about a Trump photobomb. Now that the Republican nominee is rocking the boat with his misogynistic remarks and childish antics, everyone looks for a reason to laugh at the Donald. Tyler the Creator took advantage of this photo op when he bombed one of Trump’s few moments to look cool.

This momentous photo happened backstage at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on a night where Trump was a guest and Tyler was the musical act. Trump obviously didn’t know who these two were since he tweeted, “Guy in front asked for picture- said he was the biggest fan, never saw the guy in back.”

George Clooney Creeping in the Back

Pictured above is George Clooney caught in a rare moment. The actor made a goofy face as he photobombed supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber. We think it’s safe to say that Cindy won’t be letting George third wheel on their public outings anymore.

The three are frequently seen together since George Clooney and Rande Gerber founded Casamigos tequila together. However, in June 2017, Casamigos was announced to be purchased by British liquor giant Diageo for almost $1 billion. Hopefully, Clooney and Rande will still have some control over their product.

Robert Pattinson Gets Low

Robert Pattinson made these girls’ day by photobombing their group picture… unless they happen to be Team Jacob. Either way, the ladies were probably stoked to be photographed with a Cullen regardless of their Twilight preference. And his style in photoshop is a bit questionable but it still counts.

The last Twilight film that Pattinson did was 2012’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which made $829.7 million at the box office. You don’t hear his name very often since Twilight hype has gone down, but as of 2017, he is reported to be in movies such as Damsel, Idol’s Eye, and The Souvenir.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

By looking at this picture we can safely assume Arnold wasn’t the biggest fan of George W. Bush. Just look at that grimacing look he is giving. It’s also plausible to assume that the sun was in Arnold’s eyes but where’s the fun in believing that? It’s a fantastic photobomb, nonetheless.

If you take a look at the facts, however, you will find that there is no bad blood between the two former politicians. A proud Republican, Schwarzenegger actually campaigned for George W. Bush in Ohio during the 2004 Presidential Election, during which time Schwarzenegger was the governor of California.

Fergie & Josh Duhamel

From this photobomb masterpiece, we can get a glimpse into the glamorous lives of Fergie and her delicious husband, Josh Duhamel. The singer was taking one of her carefully planned selfies when Josh jumped in and made things more interesting. Fergie obviously married the Transformers actor for his sense of humor.

Duhamel and Fergie are one Hollywood couple that have stood the test of time. They’ve been together since 2004 when The Black Eyed Peas appeared on Duhamel’s show Las Vegas. They married five years later in Malibu and had a son in 2013.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson… Again

Jesse Tyler Ferguson must be a huge advocate for the photobomb movement. This is the second piece of evidence that proves his behavior at award shows can be mischievous, yet still complacently funny. This bomb was clearly premeditated but his on-screen hubby probably didn’t mind, since Eric Stonestreet is known to throw a few pranks back as well.

This picture was taken at a Golden Globles and it’s obvious that the on-screen family knows how to have fun when they aren’t working! This just goes to show that the actors have a really great relationship.

Snoop Dogg with a Wig

Snoop Dogg almost got into trouble for this now infamous photobomb. The rapper was trying to have a good laugh with a Toronto reporter but was instead accused of being racist. The get-up in the photo is supposed to be Snoop dressed as his alter-ego, a white guy named Todd.

In this picture, “Todd” is photobombing a fan’s selfie with actress Nia Long. According to various sources, Todd enjoys activites such as crocheting, paint ball, and attending poetry slams. He’s also on the lookout for a special lady. Snoop hasn’t donned his alter ego for a few years now though, so it’s possible that that’s the last we’re seeing of Todd.

Taylor Swift’s Cat

We previously thought that Taylor Swift included her cat in most of her daily activities, but when Sarah Hyland comes around she takes a backseat. The cat, named Olivia Benson, photobombs the girls’ selfie in an attempt to be included. Maybe she was just curious; after all, Tay did name the kitty after a detective.

This unsuspecting pic was taken at a New Years Eve party thrown by T-Swift herself, as we all know the singer is known to play host for many parties. At this particular party her famous friend is Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland.

Adele Was Performing When

Adele made one fan’s night the greatest in her life by photobombing her selfie! The singer noticed a girl in the audience taking snaps at a live performance and knew just how to make the moment more special. That’s certainly a night to remember! That fan has one awesome throwback picture to share.

This picture from 2016 was taken when Adele appeared at the Manchester Arena. The superfan told a local radio show, “I just couldn’t believe it. She was going around the edge of the stage saying hello to people and interacting with the crowd and I just shouted to her if she could get a selfie.”

Emma Stone…What Are You Doing?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were always known to be a special couple but this one definitely takes the cake. Stone and James Corden photobomb one of Andrew’s fan photos and creates a souvenir well worth showing off later.

The actors began dating around 2011 and 2012 after starring in The Amazing Spider-Man together. After the movie came out, they both just happened to break up with their significant others, but still never confirmed they were dating. After they did debut as a couple, they eventually broke up by 2015. This couple’s breakup still hurts our hearts to this very day.

Nicolas Cage Appears at the Grocery Store

This baby may not be aware of who Nicolas Cage is but the mother most definitely is. This is the friendliest photobomb you can dig up on the internet purely based on Nick’s energetic waving. You can’t even make out his fingers in the photo! The internet went wild over this fan photo, which has hilariously been captioned, “I hate it when I’m just trying to take a picture of my wife and Nicolas Cage randomly shows up.”

As of 2017, Cage has a number of movies lined up such as Arnesal, Vengeance: A Love Story, Inconceivable, and Mom and Dad.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

It’s been said in the past that Bill Nye invented the selfie and if that holds to be true, then this group of teenagers took a photo with the creator himself. This is one photobomb that any science nerd would refuse to turn down and we can certainly understand why! It seems that Bill Nye wasn’t even prepared for this photo as he is in running shorts, but the TV personality was gracious enough to give these guys a photo.

Bill Nye recently made his return to the screen with Bill Nye Saves the World which is on Netflix.

Tom Hanks Jokes Around

It isn’t possible for anyone in the world to dislike Tom Hanks… except this guy who’s passed out on the table in a pizza dish. Tom Hanks outright photobombs a young man who is most likely intoxicated, about to wake up with the story of his life. It’s just too bad he wasn’t awake for a meet and greet with Tom.

This wouldn’t be Hanks’s first time with photobombing either. In 2016 Hanks made headlines when he photobombed a wedding photo shoot in New York’s Central Park. For as serious an actor as he can be, Tom Hanks sure does know how to have fun.

Professor X Gets Logan

Here we have Professor X’s masterful play! He photobombs Hugh Jackman in Wolverine form on the set of X-Men. He’s always somewhere in the back, cooking up a mischievous scheme…It’s creepy, but also awesome! He probably knew this picture was going to happen so he scrambled to the scene.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart recently appeared together in the latest X-Men installment, Logan, which premiered in 2017 and made $614.4 million at the box office. Logan takes X-men fans to the future as Wolverine is trying to take care of an ailing Professor X.

Ellen Can’t Control Herself

Here we have Ellen at her finest. Katy Perry had enough cleavage for the whole world to see that night and Ellen just had to get an eyeful. She looks like she is joking but we bet she enjoyed every second of that view. Katy can get a good laugh from this picture when she feels like it.

Luckily, the picture was all in good fun, because we’re sure that Ellen would never be up to anything suspicious in front of her wife, Portia de Rossi. Portia clearly sees the humor in this photo since she’s the only one laughing.

Rihanna Needs To Cut It Out

In this picture, you can see the three male father figures from the ’90s sitcom Full House. And who’s that in the background? Yup, it’s none other than the babe from Barbados, Rihanna. In the picture, you can see Bob Saget attempting to take a selfie with his co-stars, but Dave Coulier isn’t paying attention and John Stamos has a look on his face that says, “Look at this guy.” Or maybe he is pointing at Rihanna, who jumped behind the guys to give them bunny ears.

In 2016, the Full House guys reunited for a Dannon Oikos yogurt commercial. All four of the stars were in the same place for appearances on Good Morning America.