Find Out Which Mormon Celebrities Decided To Stay In The Church, And Which Decided To Leave

The Mormon church, or The Church of Latter-Day Saints, has done a lot of good work both in America and abroad. This faith-based community is dedicated to helping others and spreading the good word of Jesus Christ. The thing is, not everybody agrees with the good word of Jesus Christ. Some celebrities who were born into the Mormon church found value there and decided to stay, while others found conflict and decided to leave.

One celebrity on this list decided to join the Mormon church even though she wasn’t born Mormon. Keep reading to find out who that celebrity might be.

Amy Adams Says It Taught Her Love And Compassion

Photo by Dan MacMedan/Getty Images
Photo by Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

Amy Adams was raised as a Mormon until her parents got divorced in 1985. After the divorce, Amy’s family left the Mormon church. Amy has said that she never really had any strong religious convictions, but she valued the time she spent with the Mormon church because it taught her about love and compassion.

After the divorce, Amy’s father moved to Arizona and remarried, while Amy and her siblings stayed with their mother.