Celebrity Kids Who Completely Resemble Their Parents

It’s expected that the offspring of someone is going to look like their parents at least a little bit. That is unless the parents choose to adopt. Excluding the exceptions, there are those children who resemble both or at least one of their parents almost identically.

There are plenty of celebrity children who look just like their parents. You might know of some cases, but you’re in for a real surprise after you see the whole list.

Diddy Number 2

Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puff, or Diddy, as he’s now more commonly known as has a son that looks like his clone. Christian Combs is now known by his rap name, King Combs, and he gets everything from his old man. Diddy has a handful of children, but Christian is the only one that resembles him this much.

Born in 1998, Christian will be turning 21 in 2019. If you know anything about Diddy, then you know he’s probably already planning his son’s 21st party to be the biggest party of the year.