These Celebrity Romances Are Dramatic Enough To Be Hollywood Blockbusters

There’s nothing like a hot and heavy romance to make or break your year. But it seems that Hollywood has a special talent for ruining relationships. Celebrity romances often are so shockingly dramatic, that you really just can’t write this stuff. From affairs, to nasty custody battles, to relationships that end and restart over and over and over again, these celebrities have faced some of their most vulnerable moments in the public eye. Even some of the most adored relationships have started in drama or ended in flames. Here are a few famous couples who really stirred the pot.

Teen Drama On And Off-Screen

Ben Ben Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin are mid-scene in a still image from their show Gotham.
FOX Image Collection via Getty Images
FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Ben Mckenzie and Morena Baccarin were drama from the start. The two met on the set of The OC where, much like their teenage characters, love went unrequited. Morena wanted him, but he didn’t want her. Years later Ben told The Late Late Show that his 25-year-old self was the kind of idiot to blow off gorgeous Morena.

Fortunately, the two would have a second chance to be on set together. Not so fortunately, by that time Morena already had become married to someone else.