When Did These Celebs Have Time To Become Doctors?

In September 2017, former White House chief strategist Steven Bannon offended celebrities everywhere, saying, “they’re all dumb as ticks.” While celebs might not be perceived as the smartest folks out there, some prove they have brains in addition to acting chops.

It’s almost hard to believe that these successful stars have the credentials that make them doctors too. But how and when did they even have the time? Read on to find out which of your favorite celebrities are also doctors or have achieved advanced degrees.

Just Call Him Dr. Shaq

Before he was drafted into the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal played basketball at Louisiana State University, where he was studying business. But since he left LSU early to pursue his basketball career, he promised himself, his mother, and his former LSU coach that he would one day return to school to get his degree. However, he not only returned to LSU many years later and earned a Bachelor of Science in General Studies, but O’Neal subsequently enrolled at the University of Phoenix to work on his MBA degree online.

After getting his MBA, he became “Dr. Shaq” in 2012 when he graduated from Barry University with a Doctorate in Education. But Shaq isn’t the only NBA star who’s got brains, as you’ll soon find out.