Intense Behind-The-Scenes Feuds: These Co-Stars Will Never Work Together Again

Marcia Cross Wasn’t the Only One in Hatcher’s Crossfire

Desperate Housewives may have been about a group of friends, but it seems like Teri Hatcher didn’t quite fit in off-screen. Hatcher’s co-star Eva Longoria described her as the “loner” of the group, and it was reported that Hatcher separated herself from her co-stars during breaks in filming.

Nicollette Sheridan also called Teri Hatcher the “meanest woman in the world.” One act really solidified the feud. In 2012, when the show wrapped, the actresses bought goodbye gifts for the cast and crew but left Hatcher’s name off the cards. Hatcher has said she will, “Never disclose the true and complicated journey of us all, but I wish everyone on the show well.”