Did You Catch These Crazy Easter Eggs That Bradley Cooper Left In A Star Is Born?

A Star Is Born is already getting Oscar buzz. Ellen Degeneres even predicted that Lady Gaga will win an Academy Award for her performance as Ally. This movie has a rich history, and Bradley Cooper definitely recognizes that history in his version of the film.

Did you catch all of the inside references in the movie? Keep reading to make sure that you didn’t miss a moment.

A Judy Garland Homage

Photo Credit: @THR / Twitter
Photo Credit: @THR / Twitter

The Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper version of A Star Is Born is the fourth version of the film to hit theaters. In the original movie, the woman who becomes a star is played by Judy Garland.

The most recent version of the film pays tribute to its origins by having Lady Gaga hum “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” during the opening credits.