Embarrassing Celebrity Mom Confessions That Make Them So Much More Relatable

Any mother out there knows what we mean when we say “mommy moment.” Those are the silly mistakes and funny situations you end up in thanks to months of sleep deprivation and the pressure of being a mom. Sometimes they’re as small as forgetting to pack your kid lunch, and other times they’re as outrageous as getting ready to drive the kids to school and realizing you’re still only wearing a housecoat.

These celebrity moms shared their funniest and more embarrassing mommy moments and we have to say, it makes us love them even more.

Jennifer Garner Totally Messes Up Her Kids’ Names

In an interview on Ellen, the actress came clean about making the number one mom mistake—mixing up the names of her children. This mother of three got candid and admitted not only does she constantly mix up the names but sometimes she’ll even forget where they are.

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You don’t need to be a mom to know what this is like. If you grew up with siblings you were probably called by your brother’s or sister’s name daily.