Everything Revealed In The Netflix Docuseries Harry & Meghan

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the UK to live a life by their design, the famous couple took up residence in California and founded a production company named Archewell Productions. The company’s mission is to share inspirational stories, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to share their own story first.

The docuseries Harry & Meghan premiered on Netflix in late 2022, giving the public an insider’s perspective of what it’s like to be a part of–and abruptly leave– the modern-day British royal family.

Meghan Says She Never Received Etiquette Lessons Like In The Princess Diaries

Although Meghan Markle was already an actress who had appeared on TV, she wasn’t prepared for her role as Duchess of Sussex. And while all eyes were on her to fit the part, Meghan confesses that she never received proper instruction on how to do so.


Meghan said, “Joining this family, I knew that there was a protocol for how things were done. And do you remember that old movie Princess Diaries with Anne Hathaway? There’s no class and some person who goes, ‘Sit like this. Cross your legs like this. Use this fork. Don’t do this. Curtsy then. Wear this kind of hat. It doesn’t happen.”