Fascinating Facts About The Renowned Actor Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins is one of the most renowned actors around. While you may only recognize him as the villain in The Silence of the Lambs, or as the wise Don Diego in The Mask of Zorro, he’s been in dozens of films over the decades with Hollywood’s greatest stars.

His versatile career has included performances on both stage and film, as well as stints as a director, producer, composer, and painter. Despite struggling academically in his youth, Hopkins pushed through to become an actor so acclaimed that he’s even been recognized by the Queen of England. Here are a few things that make Hopkin’s such an impressive character.

He Was Not Interested In School

Despite the fact that Anthony Hopkins now calls himself a workaholic, when he was young he was simply disinterested in the material. He told The New York Times that he believed he was a bad student and felt inferior when he was young because of it.

Anthony looks up with his mout ajar in a black and white photo.
Don Smith/Radio Times via Getty Images
Don Smith/Radio Times via Getty Images

Instead of studying, Hopkins preferred to spend his time doing art or playing music. This trend ended up being a good one since he has built a career out of his talents. It also explains why he chose to enroll at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama at fifteen years old.