The Shortest Marriages of Hollywood… And Their Repercussions

Hollywood marriages are infamous for ending in divorce, so it’s no shock when a famous couple breaks up. But these pairs go for broke, and split up so quickly that the wedding cake is still in the freezer. Read on to see why Bradley Cooper, Jim Carrey, Helen Hunt, and more had marriages that were over really fast.

A Gentle Giant Vegas Quickie

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Another couple caught in the Vegas fly-trap: Carmen, the former Baywatch beauty, and Dennis (who claimed he was heavily intoxicated during the nuptials), the NBA star, were married for nine short days before filing for an annulment. Carmen was arrested for spousal battering, charges were dropped, and the divorce followed immediately after Carmen’s mug shot made the news.

Carmen called Dennis a “gentle giant,” and revealed on Oprah that their relationship was great when it was good, but terrible when it was bad. “It’s too easy to get married in Vegas,” Carmen told Oprah. “It’s too convenient.” They went their separate ways as friends.