How Elizabeth Olsen Stepped Out From Behind Her Sisters’ Shadows And Made A Name For Herself

Even though she is the sister of two of the most famous child stars of the ’90s, it can be argued that Elizabeth Olsen is the more popular Olsen right now. She was able to get out from behind her sisters’ shadows and become part of one of the most successful franchises to date.

She’s also in the process of filming her own show for Disney+. But how did growing up as the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley impact her? Keep reading to learn about Elizabeth’s road to stardom!

Family Values Grounded Her

Growing up with two of the biggest child stars living under your roof couldn’t have been easy. Elizabeth’s parents also had no clue what they were doing when it came to raising children in the entertainment industry. Their mother was a personal manager while their father was a property manager.

Family Values Grounded Her
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They were smart, though, and hired a team to take care of the girls’ careers. Elizabeth’s sisters were lucky to have such a huge support team. But unlike them, she wasn’t a rising star.