How Mrs. Doubtfire Changed Mara Wilson’s Life

For many reasons, Mrs. Doubtfire was a transformative film. Robin Williams solidified himself as the new family-friendly star, it helped normalize divorces on screen, and it launched the career of Mara Wilson. After her breakout role as Natalie, she went on to star in Miracle of 34th Street and Matilda.

The roles made her into of the most recognizable child actors of the nineties. But, child stars don’t always turn out as well as Wilson did.

She Became Interested In Acting After Watching Her Older Brothe


Danny Wilson is Mara’s older brother. Her first inspiration for acting came from him, but her parents were reluctant to let her act. Eventually, they would let their guard down and agreed to let her pursue acting.

After appearing in many commercials for Lunchables, Bank of America, and Marshall’s, a big door opened for the actress.