It’s Freaky How Much These Celebrities Look Like Each Other

It isn’t easy being famous and having one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Paparazzi follow you to lunch, fans stop you for selfies on the street, and you have basically zero privacy. Try doing that, but double time. Some celebs have to deal with their own fame, and someone else’s.

These celebrities don’t have just any old doppelgänger, they have fellow celebrity doppelgängers. Some of them find it flattering to be compared to another star, while others get pretty annoyed by it. One celeb even called out some tourists on camera for mistaking him for another actor. See if you can tell these stars apart.

Dramatic Drumming Duo

One of the longest-running lookalike friendships in Hollywood is between comedy actor Will Ferrell and the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith. The two have long been aware of their resemblance, and often play up to it. Smith will wear “I Am Not Will Ferrell” shirts on-stage.

Photo credit: @Loudwire/Twitter
Photo credit: @Loudwire/Twitter

Smith has said he didn’t think they looked alike at first, and when he and Ferrell met for the first time, Ferrel walked up and said, “You’re very handsome,” and walked away completely deadpan. The two recently played up their resemblance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon by showing up in the same outfit and having a drum-off.