Jim Carrey’s Life Is As Entertaining As Any Of His Movies

Since his first big blockbuster in 1994, Jim Carrey has been making the world laugh. The comedian turned actor has an impressive ability to put 110% into every role he plays to truly embody a character. From The Mask to Bruce Almighty, Carrey has never failed to deliver when it comes to movie making.

Carrey Knew His Destiny From A Young Age

When Carrey was only 10 years old, he wrote a letter to Carol Burnett to let her know that he was a master of impressions, and wanted a role on the show. The production company wrote back to decline his “offer,” but the reply left Carrey overjoyed and energized.

New Line Cinema/Getty Images
New Line Cinema/Getty Images

This energy and drive would be necessary going forward in his comedy career. Carrey stated that if comedy didn’t work out for him, he probably would have ended up working at the local steel mill.