Jolie vs. Hollywood: Find Out Who Wants Her Gone

Angelina vs. George Clooney

It is no secret that George is Brad’s best friend nor is that Angelina has never warmed up to the former playboy. Apparently, according to a source that told Us Magazine, when Clooney was dating ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler, Jolie would not even acknowledge her presence or look her way on their private jet. It was also reported that Jolie can be quite the ice queen, especially around Brad’s friends for whatever reason.

Maybe she knew that they all loved Jen and that she would never be able to compare in their eyes to Aniston’s beautifully cast shadow. But, again, showing that she is less of a person than her “enemies,” Clooney’s recent reaction to their divorce announcement was gracious and sweet saying, “I didn’t know that, wow. I am very sorry then.” We will always love you George.