Kate Middleton’s Cutest Mom Moments With Princess Charlotte

Sweet Princess Charlotte is one of the world’s cutest little girls, and her mother Kate Middleton is one of the most beautiful and photogenic women on the planet.

So it makes sense that there are a ton of adorable pictures of the lovely mother-daughter duo. Here are just a few.

Making Faces on Christmas Day

Kate Middleton and little Princess Charlotte attended Christmas Day mass together and Charlotte was full of adorable funny faces and too cute hand holding. Middleton wore a sleek, chocolate brown belted coat and matched her clutch to Charlotte’s bright magenta tights.

The pair looked like two peas in a pod and Middleton even put Charlotte down to let her wobble into the service on her adorable little toddler legs. The church service took place at St. Mark’s Church in Berkshire and Prince William and the couple’s older son, Prince George, was also in attendance.

Kate Middleton And Princess Charlotte Wave

According to Kate Middleton, her little girl is growing up so fast. She’s already adopted a take-charge attitude, and her strong-willed attitude is definitely a great quality in a modern-day princess.

According to Samantha Burge, the wife of Warrant Officer Class 2 Chris Burge, they both have strong two-year-olds running their household. “Kate said that Charlotte is growing up really fast. She is the one in charge. We have both got two-year-olds and they are ruling the roost. It was a bit of a mummy chat.” In this sweet moment, mommy teaches her daughter how to wave to the paparazzi.

Princess Charlotte Wears An Adorable Sweater And Smock Dress

Princess Charlotte is already well-adjusted to life as royalty and has been channeling her great ancestor Queen Victoria. The tot apparently quoted her long-deceased relative who served as the Queen of England from 1837 to 1901.

Allegedly, Princess Charlotte commented to her royal helpers, “The important thing is not what they think of me, but what I think of them,” which are famous words spoken by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. Of course, this was a report from The National Inquirer, so it’s important to take it with a grain of salt. Either way, Charlotte is adorable.

Princess Charlotte Picks Up A Musical Instrument While Kate Middleton Laughs

The Duchess of Cambridge was all smiles as she watched her little girl realize her musical talent. Is Princess Charlotte going to be the first ever royal rock star? Stranger things have happened!

In this picture, Princess Charlotte picks up some kind of musical instrument and starts banging it around. Things get even cuter when you look at the fact she’s dressed like a real-life doll. The light blue baby doll dress and giant pink bow perfectly complement her blue Mary Janes. Middleton opts for a classy cream-colored dress with cut-out details.

Princess Charlotte And Kate Middleton Attend Trooping The Colour Parade

Charlotte was the spitting image of her mom at the annual Trooping The Colour Parade. The parade started with a moment of silence to remember the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire ad recent UK terror attacks.

The celebration has a long history, and the Queen has only missed one parade in 1955 when the event was canceled because of a national rail strike. Middleton and Princess Charlotte stunned in matching blush-colored outfits while Prince William wore a traditional red uniform. Charlotte is basically Middleton’s mini-me and the pair are two of a kind – how adorable!

Mommy And Daughter Stun At Auntie Pippa’s Wedding

Was there ever a cuter flower girl than Princess Charlotte? Princess Charlotte was recently the flower girl at Aunt Pippa Middleton’s wedding. She wore a too cute ivory, puffy dress with a giant, nude pink bow in the back.

The dress was hand embroidered and accessorized with a dainty flower crown made of baby’s breathe. The Duchess of Cambridge, Charlotte’s royal mommy, channeled the Queen with her all-pastel outfit. Her ultra-feminine dress was an understated baby pink that matched her elegant hat. Middleton was all smiles watching her sister get married and looking after her little ones.

Kate And Charlotte Are Literally Always Matching

Kate Middle and Princess Charlotte are always matching – it’s so cute! Not only does Middleton dress her daughter to be her spitting image, but she dresses her son, Prince George, just like Dad, Prince William. At the Queen’s birthday celebrations Charlotte and Kate matched in summery pink dresses.

Charlotte’s dress was a Liberty print smock with pink polka dots, and she wore coordinating purple Mary Janes. Middleton donned an Alexander McQueen stunner. Little Prince George had a smart, cream-colored shirt and suspenders that complimented Daddy’s military dress. Is there a cuter family? Seriously, Middleton’s sartorial choices are always spot-on.

Princess Charlotte Is Copying Momma

Princess Charlotte is starting to develop her motor skills by copying momma. If she sees Middleton writing or drawing, she tries to do the same thing. Charlotte is also pretty advanced for being less than two years old. At a tea party, complete with balloons and a small petting zoo, people heard Charlotte talk for the first time.

She asked her mom for a flower because other girls were asking for flowers – a perfect example of how kids mimic their peers to learn speech. Adorable! Middleton was all smiles watching the little princess play with balloons.

Charlotte Makes Friends With A Dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but they’re also a princess’ BFF. During the royal family’s Canadian tour, Charlotte’s favorite event appeared to be a tea party. The party was quite exciting for the tot as she made friends with both a dog and an adorable little bunny.

In this photo, Charlotte stands close to her new furry friend, while Kate is absolutely beaming at her daughter’s joy. The royal family seems like they’re having the best day ever, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that a cute little puppy and some festive balloons are involved. Just wait until you see how excited Charlotte was to meet a bunny.

Princess Charlotte Hugs A Bunny And Our Hearts Melt

What’s cuter than Princess Charlotte and mom Kate Middleton being BFFs? Throwing an adorable rabbit into the mix. At the tea party William and Kate attended with their children, there was a small petting zoo and Charlotte got to meet a rabbit for the first time.

Her excitement was very clear – she’s almost crying with tears of joy as she reaches out to hug the bunny. Kate Middleton appears to be delighted at Charlotte’s adorable expression. The bunny looks like of worried, but we’d be nervous as heck too if we were meeting royalty.

Kate Middleton And Charlotte Exit Canada During A Royal Tour

Kate and Charlotte touched down in Canada during a royal tour, which was Charlotte’s first time in the country. In this too cute photo, the Duchess of Cambridge beamed at her little girl while Charlotte pointed at the paparazzi. The pair were just about to hop back over the pond and head home.

Everything about Charlotte’s outfit showcases Middleton’s classic style. Charlotte is wearing a sweet floral frock with white tights. Everything from her berry red hair accessory to her cardigan and Mary Janes match perfectly. Middleton is wearing a sleek, blush-colored jacket, which is a staple in her wardrobe.

Kate Middleton Helps Little Charlotte With Her Sweater

Little princesses just want to run around and play, and sometimes cardigans can be constricting. In this adorable photo, the Duchess of Cambridge helps her little girl remove her navy blue cardigan to beat the heat. Though Charlotte is very independent for being barely two years old, there are still a couple things she needs mom to help with. Among those is getting dressed and probably putting on her adorable collection of Mary Janes.

Middleton is all smiles in this photo and Charlotte looks like she’s having an excellent time, too. What a beautiful day.

Charlotte Arrives In Canada For The First Time

Little Princess Charlotte may be barely two years old, but she’s more well-traveled than most of us. When she was just 16 months old, she hopped on a plane and made her first trip to Canada. The tour lasted eight whole days.

Mom definitely dressed the family as a unit for their Canadian debut. All of them are wearing shades of blue, with Prince William opting for a classy navy suit and Kate choosing a bold, royal blue. Though traveling with kids is hard, the family appears to be in good spirits as Kate kneels down to talk to her kids.

Charlotte Makes Her Balcony Debut As The Family Watches The Airshow

Charlotte made her balcony debut at Buckingham Palace in the arms of her stylish mom. She was dressed as a mini-me in a blush-colored baby doll dress and matching pink Mary Janes. Middleton opted for a similarly colored dress, while hubby Prince William wore a traditional military outfit.

In this photo, Middleton and her family are watching the Royal Air Force flyover. Middleton points to a plane flying overhead and Charlotte couldn’t be more disinterested. Brother Prince George seems to be a whole lot more into the idea of airplanes.

Middleton And Charlotte Pose For A Family Ski Trip Photo

The royal family is just like us. They have cheesy family photos, too. This snap was taken during a family vacation to the French Alps, and Charlotte seemed overjoyed in the chilly weather.

The cutest part is perhaps the fact that Charlotte’s pink fuzzy hat perfectly complimented her chubby baby cheeks. She was all smiles, even though it looked like she could barely move in her white snowsuit. Charlotte’s brother Prince George was the spitting image of his dad in this snap – just look at that smile! They’re like two peas in a pod.

Princess Charlotte Is All Smiles In First Family Photo

Royals are used to getting their photos taken, but Princess Charlotte proved she was made for the role when she was all smiles in her family’s first official portrait. The royal family posed on a leaf-covered lawn in very autumnal outfits. Prince George was sporting his signature blue knee socks and Prince William tenderly smiled over at his family.

Charlotte takes center stage in this picture, which showcases her budding style. The tot wears a patterned baby doll dress and light pink cardigan. Middleton is rocking a different hairstyle than usual, opting for highlights in her chocolate brown mane.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Tries To Make Princess Charlotte Smile

After a long flight, many kids are probably not in the best mood. Kate Middleton’s royal mini-me is no exception. The family landed in Canada and Charlotte was already totally over the trip. In this cute snap, Middleton wears a classic royal blue outfit and waves at Charlotte, trying to distract her from the fact that she’s exhausted.

Charlotte puffs up her already adorably chubby cheeks and looks completely unamused. For being so young, Charlotte is certainly well behaved and though she scoffed having to leave the plane, she definitely didn’t have a meltdown.

Princess Charlotte Throws A Fit

Recently, Princess Charlotte was spotted doing what all other kids her age have done at one time or another – she threw a fit. While the royal family was in Hamburg, Germany about to board a private helicopter. It looks as though Charlotte was totally done with traveling by that point, which to be fair, is quite hard for any child to deal with (even if you are a literal Princess).

Her mom, Kate Middleton, definitely handled the situation well and was able to calm little Charlotte down before they took off. Her brother, on the other hand, looked totally elated to board the aircraft!

Charlotte Is All Smiles

In this absolutely adorable photo, Charlotte is seen gazing out into the crowd and grinning from ear to ear as she has clearly spotted something that delights her. Her mother, Kate, is also smiling a dazzlingly grin while looking on lovingly in the background.

This photo really shows off the resemblance between Charlotte and her father. It’s also clear that she looks like her father’s side of the family because she even resembles Queen Elizabeth as a young child. We think this is one of the best photos of mother and daughter because the genuine happiness really comes across in the photo.

Snow Bunny Charlotte

In 2016, Prince William and Princess Kate took their two young kids one of their very first ski trips. They took the two tiny royals to vacation to the French Alps, which was very hush-hush at the time. Of course, you can’t blame them for being very private about their outings as there would absolute madness if the public at large knew about their travels beforehand.

Prince William was also following in his own families footsteps as it was a family past time for his mother, Princess Diana, to take him and his brother Prince Harry on regular ski vacations.

The Musical Princess

In 2016, the Royal family took an eight-day tour of Canada, which was, of course, a big deal both for Canadians and English people who gazed upon the royal family in wonder. Despite the excitement of being the most famous royal family around, they seem to be a perfectly normal family.

Prince William and Princess Kate took their two children Prince George and Prince Charlotte to a children’s party for military families. Charlotte really seemed to enjoy herself and was even spotted playing with a musical instrument. Perhaps the Royals have a budding musician on their hands? Adorable!

A Normal Mom And Daughter

In this adorable photo, we see Princess Kate playing with her daughter Princess Charlotte as she waves her sweater over her head. Princess Charlotte’s arms are extended upwards as though she is playing right along with her mom.

This is evidence that despite their absolutely extraordinary life circumstances, they really are just a normal mom and daughter. Well, at least in this moment they are anyway. By the same token, this photo is also evidence that not far away are photographers honing in on the two royals’ every move which must feel like quite a bit of pressure to face day in and day out.

Kate Middleton Beams At Becoming A New Mom

Less than two years after having Prince George, Kate Middleton became a mom again and she was so thrilled to welcome a little girl into her family. In this sweet snap, Middleton is smiling with her teeth – a true mark of genuine joy. Her cheerful outfit is rather festive compared to the sleek colors Middleton usually wears.

Her dress features a yellow, all-over floral pattern. Princess Charlotte is clearly a newborn in this photo and is swaddled in a cozy white blanket with a white hat as she snoozes in mom’s arms.

Proud Kate Middleton Holds Charlotte Before Her Christening

A Christening is a major milestone for a new baby, and Middle was beyond proud to show off her little girl during the ceremony. Princess Charlotte wore a christening gown with a long history. It was previously worn by her brother when he was christened in 2013 but is actually a replica of the gown worn by Queen Victoria’s daughter in 1841.

It was crafted to look like Queen Victoria’s wedding dress. The replica was made by the Queen’s dressmaker Angela Kelly was crafted from silk-satin with cap sleeves and a lace overlay. Middleton opted for an Alexander McQueen dress coat, her usual go-to for special occasions.

Charlotte Waves

Here Charlotte is seen waving at an excited crowd during one of her very first appearances in public, which also notates the begin of her life in the public eye. Her adorable wave surely won over the hearts of millions around the world, as many people remain absolutely fascinated with the British royal family, even if they aren’t British themselves.

It is quite remarkable to be able to watch a child grow up through photographs without knowing them personally. Let’s hope Charlotte is able to forge somewhat of a normal existence throughout childhood. With parents like William and Kate, we think it’s likely they will see to just that!

Her Angel Grandmother

One sad aspect of the royal family’s life is the tragic death of Princess Diana. Diana was never able to see her sons grow to be men or to see William to become a father. Diana was known for absolutely doting on her two boys and also wanted them to be raised as normal as possible despite having royal blood. William has recently spoken about how he keeps his mother present in his children’s lives through photographs in their home as well as telling stories.

This photoshopped image made the rounds after the birth of Princess Charlotte, it shows Kate holding the baby while Grandma Diana looks on lovingly, a scene that would have undoubtedly happened if she were still alive today.

Charlotte Makes A Face

This is one of the more recent photographs of Charlotte, which you can tell based on her hair length. Before we know it her hair is going to be as long as her mom’s hair! This photo is yet another that really exhibits the fact that Charlotte is just a normal kid, goofy faces and all.

Charlotte sounds like she might be a Daddy’s girls. William has commented on his beloved daughter, “Charlotte is very easy, she is sweet. But all the fathers say to me ‘just you wait, when they get to nine or 11 they get crazy’. I’m looking forward to it. There will be some drama.” Sounds pretty typical of raising a girl … even if she is a literal princess!

Judging The Paparazzi

This photo cracks us up because Charlotte seems to be giving someone (perhaps the paparazzi) a side eye full of attitude! While Princess William has gushed about his daughter, even said that she is “easy”, her mom Kate seems to have a different take. Kate has been quoted as saying, “She’s cute, but she’s feisty!”

We think that feisty attitude is definitely shying through in the photograph! Although, perhaps she is easier in some respects as Prince Charles was heard talking about his granddaughter to a guest he was hosting. The guest remarked, “We were talking about grandchildren, he was saying Princess Charlotte does sleep through the night and it was much easier on mum than Prince George.”

Kate Minds The Kids


Kate definitely seems as though she is a hands-on mum, and doesn’t pass off the duties entirely to other people, just like her late mother-in-law Diana. Kate’s younger sister Pippa Middleton (who is also a media darling) recently got married to her longtime boyfriend James Matthews, a hedge fund manager. The two married in May 2017, and of course, Pippa had to have a large wedding party which included her royal niece and nephew.

Her sister Kate was on hand to serve as child wrangler. She was spotted outside of the church with all of the children, even shushing them to make sure they didn’t disturb the wedding. What a great sister!

Smelling The Roses

How sweet is this beautiful photo of Kate encouraging her precious Princess daughter to literally smell the roses? The roses seem to be an almost unnatural shade of lavender but are definitely absolutely stunning. Although, it sounds as though the amethyst shade might be a favorite of Kate’s.

When Princess Charlotte was born, she was gifted bespoke drop earrings made by jeweler Kiki McDonough. The earrings included tourmaline, amethyst, and diamond which she later wore while on a royal tour in India. Perhaps, one day Charlotte will inherit the gorgeous earrings, but for now, she seems to be quite satisfied with some beautiful flowers!

Charlotte And Her Great Grandma

Now, this isn’t a photo of Charlotte with her mom but rather of Charlotte with her Great Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Many have said that they think Charlotte actually favors her grandmother, particularly in photos from the Queen’s youth. You can even see some resemblance here, particularly around the eyes.

We actually think she looks even more like the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, who passed away in the early 2000s. Some across the Internet, have even gone so far as to say that Charlotte is the Queen’s Mini-Me. Whichever side you agree with, Charlotte is certainly a lucky little girl to still have her great-grandmother around!

The Royal History

These side-by-side images of various parts of the royal family at different times in history is quite moving, especially considering that Princess Diana is no longer around to experience her grandchildren. William and his younger brother Harry recently worked on a film called, “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.” In the documentary, William talked about how he tells his children about “Granny Diana” and photos out around his home in order to keep his mother’s memory alive.

He also reflected on what he thinks she would be like as a grandmother joking, “She’d be a nightmare grandmother, absolute nightmare. She’d love the children to bits, but she’d be an absolute nightmare. She’d come and go and she’d come in probably at bath time, cause an amazing… scene, bubbles everywhere, bathwater all over the place, and then leave.”

A Shared Expression

These side by side images were taken at the same event, which is pretty hilarious because the two were seated right next to one another. Prince George and Princess Charlotte seem to be feeling the same kind of way about whatever it was they were faced with at the time.

Public life can certainly be exhausting for little ones, don’t you think? It’s kind of amazing that the family is able to get through events without any massive meltdowns. We can’t wait to see what these kids get up to when they are older. If their silly facial expressions are any indicator, the world is definitely in for a treat!

An Early Love For Animals

While the royal family was on their tour of Canada and made a stop at a military children’s party, the event was the first of many things for Charlotte. It was the first time Charlotte was seen to be walking and talking. Judging from the photos both kids seemed to have an amazing time.

Charlotte was heard saying, “Pop!,” after motioning to a balloon and also called William “Dada.” One of the highlights for Charlotte also seemed to be when she got play with a dog who was named Moose. Charlotte and George were also later seen playing with bubbles and marveling at the work of a balloon artist.

The Great Grandchildren


This official royal photograph shows Queen Elizabeth were her great-grandchildren, which is quite a remarkable thing indeed. The children include Mia Tindall, James, Viscount Severn, Lady Louise, Savannah and Isla Phillips, and Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte.

Prince George is in line to one day become the King of England. During this photo, something quite funny took place when the Queen’s great-granddaughter, two-year-old Mia Tindall grabbed the Queen’s handbag and posed with it. All of the adults present got such a kick out of it, that they kept it in the photo and even released it to the public!

Touching Moments

This montage of photographs is truly beautiful of mother Kate Middleton and daughter Princess Charlotte. Particularly beautiful is the shot of Charlotte caressing her mother’s face. We also think it’s quite remarkable that Charlotte hasn’t tried to yank out the cascading earrings draped from her mother’s ears as most young kids love to do. Perhaps she has been trained to have impeccable royal manners already!

Although one would think the Queen would be particularly harsh about manners and the like she is apparently quite loving to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. George and Charlotte are even said to call her Gan Gan, and she regularly has gifts when they come to visit her.

Matching Sibling Photos

Not long after Charlotte was born, official photos of the two siblings George and his new baby sister were released. One photo in particular almost seems to be a recreation of a photo taken of William and Harry when they were infants. Becoming a father has certainly moved William in ways he did not think about before, which is common for any new father.

William said, “Now the smallest little things, you well up a little more, you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more, I think, as a father. Just because you realize how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective. The idea of not being around to see your children grow up and stuff like that.”

The Nanny

Despite Kate definitely being a hands-on mum, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have help. Actually, George and Charlotte have a nanny that is regularly with them as well. She has even been spotted out with the two kids and taking them do various regular kid things like feeding birds.

The children’s nanny is named Maria Borallo and she is said to be a Norland Nanny. Norland Nannies attend the prestigious Norland College and has been training nannies for the rich, powerful and famous since 1892. Maria has been the family’s nanny since being appointed by William and Kate in 2014.

Just A Normal Kid

Although Charlotte does have extraordinary life circumstances, her parents seem to be trying to raise her as normally as possible. When the royal couple released photographs of Charlotte when she was six months old, the baby Princess was seen smiling at her favorite toy which is a super soft puppy dog toy named Fuddlewuddle.

Another very normal kid enjoyment for Charlotte, are books! Apparently, Prince William told actress Imelda Staunton about their love for a certain book series – The Gruffalo! Imelda was the actor who read the books for the audio copy. William said the kids love listening to the books on tape while on long journeys. What kid doesn’t love story time?

Princess Charlotte Stares In Awe At A Children’s Performer

During Charlotte’s first trip to Canada, the royal family attended a fun-filled tea party. This party had a number of children’s activities, but the highlight was the children’s entertainer who made balloon animals for the royal kids. In this photo, Middleton smiled as her daughter stared in awe at the sequin-vested performer.

We’re guessing Charlotte already got her balloon, as Kate was holding a pink and blue flower, but brother Prince George was excitedly awaiting his turn. This picture is one of pure innocence and family joy. Nothing is more sweet and pure than Charlotte being excited by balloons.