Giada De Laurentiis Just Downsized: Take A Peek Inside Her Former And New Homes

Giada de Laurentiis came into the limelight years ago for her talent as a chef and for her infectious charisma. She became the face of Italian-American cuisine on the Food Network and is estimated to have a net worth of around $30 million. With all that cash, it’s surprising Giada chose to downsize her Los Angeles home. She sold her former Pacific Palisades house for $7 million, moving to a $5 million bungalow in the same neighborhood. Though the houses are close to each other, they have strikingly distinct features. Read on to take a peek inside both homes.

The Place She Now Calls Home

giadas home home & Manny Hernandez/Getty Images for Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival & Manny Hernandez/Getty Images for Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival

This long, illuminated expanse is the face of Giada’s most recent Pacific Palisades home. The home features 5 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms, meaning that every guest gets their own personal washroom.

The 3,610 square feet of the home is embellished by its single-floor layout. A large driveway leads to a two-car garage and a grassy front yard. Surrounding trees offer plenty of privacy without inhibiting the view of the magnificent California sunsets.

The Lush Front Yard


Many Los Angeles homes don’t have a large, grassy yard, especially not in the front. This house has something special in the back that we’ll get to later, but still has room for a lawn that kids can run and play in.

Best of all, a floor-to-ceiling window enables easy viewing so that adults can dine indoors and keep an eye on children playing in the yard. A basketball hoop is positioned on a concrete slab to add versatility to the space, and tall hedges line the property to ensure privacy.

A Tucked Away Bungalow


This angle shows off how tucked away the home is to enhance privacy. Though homes in the big city tend to be close together, you get the sense that no one is nearby in this secluded home. No one wants to feel like their neighbors can see their every move, but especially not celebrities who are in the spotlight most of the time.

Giada is one of those celebrities who takes privacy very seriously. A plethora of tabloid stories about the attractive chef’s love life have left her wary of publicity.

Cozy But Spacious


A sense of coziness permeates this home from the moment you walk through the front door. Cherry wood floors bring warmth to the entire house and contrast with the white walls and ceiling. Gorgeous chrome framing the wide fireplace is reminiscent of a chef’s stove, and could be a nod to Giada’s profession.

While the expansive sliding glass doors and windows let in plenty of light by day, recessed lighting takes over by night so there is never a lack of illumination in this room. An area rug draws the space together while a mounted flat screen complements the layout.

A Unique Layout


From this direction, you get a better sense of the home’s unique interior layout. While it isn’t an open floor plan in the traditional sense, there is a line of sight into the surrounding rooms.

The home’s design is more circular than square so that the rooms are situated around the kitchen, which is fitting for a chef. Interestingly, Giada didn’t initially plan on pursuing her love for cooking. She attained a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology before heading to culinary school in the late ’90s.

A Spacious Dining Area

To the far right, you can see the chrome fireplace of the family room we just looked at. Steps away is this spacious dining room. It rests on marble flooring that is elevated a step higher than the wooden floors throughout the rest of the home.

Recessed lighting dots the ceiling in this room, but an intricate light fixture offers a classy alternative. The large window we saw from the front of the home lets light pour in, and built-in shelving offers a place to showcase items such as fine china.

A Chef’s Kitchen

Cherry wood cabinets catch the eye from the moment you walk into this spacious kitchen. Unlike the rest of the home, these floors are a lighter wood to offset the cabinets above. Granite countertops tie the varying tones throughout the space together.

A giant stainless steel oven and stove with an ample air vent give away Giada’s profession, as does the wide refrigerator. A modest island with an unusual shape offers additional counter space without taking up much room. The window over the sink brings a hint of the vegetation outside to the indoors.

An Airy Living Room

Cherry wood floors and white tile grace this light and bright living space. A large sectional and matching ottoman offer plenty of seating, while an area rug brings together the cherry, brown, and cream color scheme of the room.

Rich red curtains reach from the ceiling to the floor to offer ample privacy, and the backyard it overlooks is completely shielded from the public. A tree in the corner of the room picks up on the large hedge outside, bringing nature into this generous space.

Luxurious And Homey

Giada’s master bedroom hits right in the middle between homey and luxurious. Patterns on the rug, the bed, and on display above the fireplace reflect the busy design embedded in Giada’s Italian roots.

Enormous windows overlooking the backyard bring the indoors out while bamboo rollup blinds shield the light when it’s time to sleep in. The black-slate fireplace, mounted flat-screen television, and glistening light fixture above the bed offer touches of elegance without overwhelming the space.

A Hidden Office


Looking at the master bedroom from the opposite direction, you can see a few important details that were left out of the previous photograph. The expansive room is large enough to fit a large dresser against the wall to the right.

Beyond is a small bonus space that has been set up as an office. The room consists of a desk, a bookshelf, floating wall shelves, and a recliner. Sharing a wall with the office is a long hallway that leads to the master bathroom.

The Spa-Like En Suite


The master bathroom looks like it came straight out of a high-end spa. Oatmeal colored tile extends along the floors, up the walls, and around the enormous tub. The jetted bath is positioned below a heavily frosted window and a mounted flat-screen television.

A large skylight beams light into the space, which looks twice as large on account of the wall to ceiling mirror to the far left. A magnificent shower stall is accented with stone surfaces and glass doors. An expansive bathroom vanity offers plenty of storage and leads to the separate toilet room door.

The Magnificent Backyard

Behind the home is a gorgeous pool with a water feature that you don’t see every day. Three fountains shoot up from the pool’s shallow end for a calming sound effect that can be heard from any one of the home’s back-facing rooms.

This evening photograph shows off the floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors of the rooms inside. The master bedroom we just saw sits to the far left, followed by the living room with the massive sectional in the middle, and the family room with the metallic fireplace is to the right.

Plenty Of Patio Space

Facing away from the home, you can see another surprise in this glorious backyard. Straight ahead is a separate building with more living space! Before we head down that direction, let’s take in some of the wonderful features this outdoor area has to offer.

While there was a larger yard out front, there is also a lane of grass back here where you could enjoy a picnic or read a book. Alternatively, there is plenty of patio space to set up furniture or have an outdoor party.

A Modern Bonus Space

The bonus space at the property’s rear is flanked by tall hedges that ensure privacy while enhancing the greenery of the outdoor space. The green contrasts with the rich blue of the pool’s surface, which practically calls you in.

Giada loves to stay active, especially outside. She’s a fan of yoga and meditation, both of which would be lovely to practice out here. She also can burn some of those Italian food carbs by swimming laps in her gorgeous pool.

Plenty Of Bonus Space

While this room is being used as a large bedroom for a guest, there’s no limit to what you could do with this space. The marble floors and giant windows would make it a wonderful art, yoga, or dance studio, especially with the addition of mirrors along the walls.

It is spacious enough to be an office to meet with clients in, or a work studio for a small business with a few in-house employees. As a guest room, it could easily fit a couple and their small children, and would be especially useful during extended stays.

Open Sky Views

Standing at the end of the backyard and facing toward the home, you can catch a gorgeous glimpse of the pink clouds at sunset. The skyscrapers downtown don’t inhibit the residential view, so you don’t feel squished being in the middle of Los Angeles.

The extended pool reflects the surrounding trees and is nearly the same length as the patch of grass running along its left side. Giada has spent much of her life in Los Angeles with her family, but spent some time in Paris to study at the well-known culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu.

View From Above

This view from the top shows how spacious Giada’s current Los Angeles home is. It also illustrates the thick vegetation outlining the property’s triangular shape. To the left is a large garage that could fit two cars and still provide storage space.

To the right is the bulk of the home, the site of the common areas and three other bedrooms we did not see. The giant guest house takes advantage of every bit of space at the lot’s narrowest point. Seeing the place from this position, it’s hard to believe that Giada’s previous home was nearly twice the size!

The Dazzling Foyer


The moment you enter this 6,500 square foot home you are welcomed by a large foyer complete with an entryway table and fabric bench. To the right, a glass wall lines a floating staircase for a jaw-dropping contemporary look.

To the right is another set of stairs that may lead to a hallway or may be a second route to the next floor. Two long windows flank the glass door, all of which are frosted to provide privacy while bringing in light. A large, soft area rug adds a touch of comfort to this luxurious space.

A Welcoming Seating Area


A big, red sectional positively pops as you walk deeper into the home. White and gray tones let the coach steal the show while taming down the room so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Recessed lighting fills the room with light while a large window and a decorative tree bring in some greenery.

A fireplace is encased in a floor-to-ceiling slab of marble, the tones of which are picked up in the room’s soft color scheme. Floating shelves on the distant wall offer a place to put decorative items without cluttering the space.

An Open Concept Floor Plan


Recessed light dots the entire ceiling of this open concept living space. The kitchen, dining room, and living space seem to flow into one another, acting as both one space and three separate spaces.

The design is perfect for those who love to entertain as it will easily accommodate large parties. To the far right, you can slightly make out a second table and chairs that act as a breakfast nook, offering even more seating to the already-copious amount of lounging options available.

An Exquisite Dining Room


Lighting fixtures above this dining room table look like tiny fireworks, adding a touch of flair to this modern but cozy room. The long table extends lengthwise along with the tunnel fireplace, which is a feature you don’t often see in dining rooms.

A large, gray rug designates the area to create a sense of purpose without segregating the space. Sturdy chairs provide comfort, reliability, and a pop of color that prevents the design from feeling stale.

A Galley Style Kitchen


Unlike the kitchen in her current home, this one is galley style, meaning that it’s long and narrow with services located on either side of the walkway. What this design enables is an inclusion of the other spaces while creating a separate space for the chef to work.

One side of the kitchen is essentially a giant island that creates a partition from the other rooms while providing additional counter space. Gray wooden cabinetry marries the industrial look of the oven vent with the natural feel of the hardwood floors. Red stove hardware and counter items offer touches of color to the kitchen’s neutral tones.

Bringing The Outdoors In


The place where a wall would divide the inside from the outdoor back patio is replaced with a large door that had to be completely opened to blur the lines between inside and outside. The living room not only overlooks the backyard, but evolves effortlessly into it.

The floor of the back patio is the same tone as the living room floor, divided only by the black track along which the door runs. In southern California where the weather is gorgeous year-round, having this kind of access to the outdoors is incredible.

Room For A Pool, A Yard, And A Deck


As you move outside, you come first to a thin but long patio that has a built-in grill, sink, and counter at the end of it. The second floor protrudes just slightly to shade a portion of the deck.

A thin wooden awning aligns with the pool’s edge to further outline the space. The infinity pool is nearly the same length as the patio and as the yard beyond it, creating a sense of uniformity.

The House Itself Is A Stunning View


Standing in the yard and looking at the house, you’re offered a striking view that showcases almost the entirety of the first floor. One of the few drawbacks of this home is the lack of privacy in the backyard, apparent in neighbor’s windows to the right.

To the right of the patio, a tinted glass window filters the heat of the sunlight, a beneficial perk on hot summer days. To the left of the pool is a staircase headed to the basement, a space almost unheard of in southern California.

An Entertainer’s Dream Space


The downstairs area is ideal for anyone who loves to entertain, as it offers a partial kitchen, a cellar, and plenty of space to setup a movie theater-like lounging area and games. They’ve set up a ping-pong table, but a pool table could just as easily fit.

A table to the far right offers seating spilling over with fluffy fabric, all atop a shag rug. The projector hanging from the ceiling creates a cinematic experience that many guests could participate in at once.

A Peaceful Master Bedroom


Upstairs, the master bedroom is as tranquil as can be. Green-blue glass doors can slide to close off the en suite or remain open to showcase the impressive space. A gorgeous treetop view can be seen from any angle in the room beyond the attached balcony.

A flat-screen television is mounted to a marble wall above the built-in fireplace. A fuzzy chaise lounge chair is positioned in front of the fire for optimum comfort and relaxation.

A Glistening Master Bathroom


The green-blue glass doors continue into the master bathroom that offers a giant shower room, separate toilet area, a marble tub, and a long vanity in between. A large carpet is situated in the center of the room for comfort, but the flooring underneath is the same marble that surrounds the tub.

A large ottoman is the focal point of the room and offers a subtle pattern that’s picked up in the surrounding marble. The large mirror gives the illusion that this washroom is endless.

A Massive Sky-Lit Closet


Opposite the bathroom is this dreamy walk-in closet. Built-ins line the walls to meet any of your clothing needs, from folded shirts to shoes to hanging dresses and so much more. Between the shelves is a built-in vanity where you can store and try on your jewelry and other accessories.

A patterned runner underscores the closet’s length, while vaulted ceilings accentuate its height. Two skylights, recessed lighting, and light sconces at the vanity mirror ensure that no article of clothing will go unseen.

A Huge Balcony With Sweeping Views


Attached to the master suite is this stunning balcony. The green-blue glass of the bathroom is echoed in the balcony’s railing for privacy and design. Mountain range views glide past treetops and extend along the horizon.

If the incredible view and space weren’t enough, there’s also a fireplace at the end of the balcony for cold nights with city light views. Lounge chairs offer a place to tan in private or to simply get some vitamin D and read a book.

Not Just Any Exercise Room


Back downstairs, a private gym exceeds expectations with a wrap-around wall mural of the beach. As we previously mentioned, Giada loves to do yoga, hence the yoga mats and blocks in the center of the room.

For all of her cardio needs, she has multiple exercise machines. The room’s symmetry is pleasing to the eye, and the gym equipment matches the cool gray and blue color scheme of the mural.

A Six Car Garage!


Those who like to collect cars or have a household with multiple drivers will appreciate this huge garage. This space could easily fit six cars, so guests shouldn’t have a problem finding parking. Alternatively, there is plenty of space for storage.

Since Giada only lives with her daughter, it’s easy to see why this incredible home felt too large for just the two of them. Still, this would be a difficult property to walk away from.