Money Flies: Millionaires And Their Drool Worthy Private Planes

Those with fame and fortune often love to show off their money in the most extravagant ways. Some people buy really nice houses, others purchase expensive cars, but the biggest way to brag is on a private plane.

After considering the number of fans and paparazzi that swarm these celebrities, it’s understandable that they’d want their own private jet or plane. These private planes have all of the luxuries that you won’t find in business class on your regular commercial flight. Check out these millionaires and their fabulous private jets.

One Of Elvis’ Planes Sat On The Tarmac For 35 Years

GWS Auctions, Inc./AP/YouTube
GWS Auctions, Inc./AP/YouTube

One of Elvis Presley’s private jets sat on a New Mexico runway for 35 years before being auctioned off to an undisclosed buyer for $430,000.

The luxurious plane was personally designed by Presley and has some jaw-dropping features such as red velvet seats, red shag carpeting, and gold-tone woodwork — all a perfect setting for the King to travel in style. At the time of its sale, the plane did not have an engine and also needed renovations in the cockpit.