Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk! Hardcore Fans Of The Three Stooges Need To Know These Facts

Before comedic talent like Jim Carrey and Melissa McCarthy took over Hollywood, the Three Stooges were the pioneers of using slapstick comedy to make people laugh around the world. In 2012, all of their shorts were released on DVD, and fans found themselves falling in love again with their antics. Here, we take a look at the members of this beloved group, and we’ll also discuss some little-known tidbits about the show.

Larry Fine

Louis Feinberg, better known as his stage name Larry Fine, was a part of The Three Stooges for their entire run. His hairstyle became iconic, as he let his thick, curly hair grow out although he was balding on top.

Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Larry’s agreeable personality led to him being known as a “yes-man”. He never hesitated to help out a struggling actor with some cash, without expecting to be paid back.