William And Harry Have A Sister That You Never Hear About

Royal family trees often have a long and complicated history with stories of cousins once or twice removed, illegitimate children, and even disowned relatives. So it’s no wonder that there are some forgotten siblings within the current house of Windsor. Princes William and Harry have a stepsister who not many people know about and a stepbrother who caused quite a bit of trouble in his younger years. Read on to learn who they are…

A Marriage Not Built To Last

Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer on July 29, 1981, in what then was considered the “fairytale wedding of the century.” People were enamored with the newly-appointed Princess of Wales but unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said of Prince Charles.

Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles ride in a carriage after their wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral July 29, 1981 in London.
Anwar Hussein/Getty Images
Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

There was tension brewing beneath the surface of their marriage and this was no secret to the public. Everyone knew it was partly caused by a woman named Camilla Parker Bowles.