Royal Wedding 2018: Facts and Photos From The Lavish Event

The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was an extravagant affair. The royal family spared no expense to ensure the wedding was a feast for the eyes. Broadcast live worldwide, we watched in awe as Meghan Markle left her life in Hollywood behind for one in England as royalty.

The lavish affair began hours before vows were exchanged. Cameras were there to capture every guest entering and leaving. Here are the best photos, along with interesting facts about the wedding, for you to marvel at.

Officially Husband and Wife

Kensington Royal / Instagram
Kensington Royal / Instagram

This is one of the first official portraits of the newlyweds together with Prince Harry and Meghan both boasting big smiles as photographer Alexi Lubomirski captures them on the steps of Windsor Castle.

Royal Wedding 2018 Fact: The official photos of the royal wedding contain as many as four generations in one photo! Between Queen Elizabeth and the royal children, that’s a lot of personality in one picture.