Sam Elliott’s Life Story Is As Unbelievable As The Movies He’s Famous For!

There is no mistaking Sam Elliott’s beautifully gravelly voice and rugged cowboy looks. Few actors have seen as much work come their way as Elliott. With two Golden Globe nominations and hall of fame mustache, Elliott has earned his place in our hearts for the last 50 years. Shockingly, the true story of Sam Elliott is even more unbelievable than some of the movies he’s starred in! Put on your 10-gallon hat and enjoy the story of the last great American cowboy!

Elliott Refused To Follow His Father’s Wishes

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Sam Elliott was born in 1944 in Sacramento, California. His father worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and hated his son’s dream of becoming an actor. Elliott refused to let his papa get him down, however.

At nine years old, Sam Elliott first let his father know about his passion for acting. Henry was vocal about his disapproval, and the rift eventually caused a canyon in their relationship. Against his father’s wishes, Elliott pursued his acting career. But he never forgot the pain his dad caused him.