Seven Years Of Work Gone With The Wind As Jason Momoa Bids Farewell To Facial Hair

jason aqua

Jason Momoa and his beard are peanut butter and jelly, two peas in a pod, and the moon and night time. They just go together, okay? On April 18, 2019, no one could have prepared themselves for what the Aquaman actor did to his beloved face.

In a YouTube clip titled "Goodbye Drogo... I Shaved," fans and everyone else slightly interested witnessed him do the shaving himself in the middle of the desert. Momoa completed the appearance changing act for a good cause; it wasn't just to give his fangirls a heart attack. He did it to raise awareness for recycling. That is something the whole world could be doing better at; despite our current efforts. He gets rid of the hair as he strolls through the desert climate filled with plastic. Instead of plastic, Momoa advocates for the usage of aluminum, which is reusable and 100% recyclable.

"There's a change coming, and it’s aluminum," he says at the end. “You gotta get rid of your plastic water bottles. Aquaman’s trying to do the best he can for my kids, for your kids, for the world. Love you guys.”

This shaving moment was seven years in the making. The Game of Thrones actor bid farewell to past characters as the hair flew with the wind. Users of Twitter poured in with reactions ranging from sad to surprised. User @sansaasnark wrote, "Jason Momoa shaved off his beard because you [expletive] don't know how to recycle and keep the planet clean. can't believe I have to deal with a dying planet and now Jason without a beard." That's a great way to some things up!