Shockingly Simple Homes of Successful People

What’s the first thing that you would do if you became rich and famous? For a lot of people, that answer would be “buy a huge house.” While a lot of celebrities do, indeed, buy sprawling mansions decked out with swimming pools, ten-car garages, manicured lawns, and the latest tech devices, a lot of them actually prefer to live a much simpler lifestyle.

These Big Stars Have Modest Homes

These Big Stars Have Modest Homes

Far from the massive mansions that you would expect from people with a net worth of millions—and in some cases, billions—of dollars, the people on this list live in relatively modest homes. Here are some of the most shockingly simple homes of rich people.

Pete Wentz


Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (AKA Pete Wentz, AKA ‘every millennial’s first crush) is the bassist and also the primary lyricist for the hit band Fall Out Boy. As if that weren’t enough (come on, it’s Fall Out Boy!) Wentz also owns his own record label that has signed big-name acts like Gym Class Heroes and Panic! at the Disco.

You know that Pete is just rolling in money, but that doesn’t mean he’s throwing it around. He lives in a fairly simple home that only cost him $1.5 million. Okay, that sounds like a lot of money, but California real estate costs big bucks, even for a simple four bedroom house like Wentz has.