Smart Celebrities You Didn’t Know Went To Ivy League Schools

Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you’re not a brainiac. With great talent comes great wisdom, and some super smart celebs didn’t just ditch school because they became famous. Though many actors and actresses miss out on higher education in favor of starring in blockbuster hits, some make a real effort to lead somewhat of a normal life. Hey, even movie stars need backup plans and a college degree (especially from an Ivy League school) is great insurance.

These smart celebs attended Ivy League schools, even if they were already busy with the red carpet.

Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper

You may know Ellie Kemper as Kimmy from The Impossible Kimmy Schmidt. On her Netflix series, the actress finally made her way to college after figuring out how to survive on her own in New York City.

In real life, this starlet went to Princeton. She even attended college aboard at Oxford University in England.